We have all heard our co-workers or friends brag about how they scored when returning from their last surf trip, but do we really know if they are telling the truth or not.  So we have put together some of the most important factors that determine an epic surf trip and not all of them have to do with scoring good waves.  You can also use these to quiz your friend or co-worker when they return from their so called epic surf trip.

1.  Empty Line Ups (Uncrowded Surf)

2.  Good Conditions

3.  Nice Weather

4.  Good Grinds (Food)

5.  Friendly Locals

6.  Friendly Resort Staff & Surf Guides

7.  Comfortable Accommodations

8.  Warm Water

9.  Cold Beer

10.  Good Friends

11.  Hassle Free Travel (No delays at airport)

12.  Sick Photos (Proof of scoring)

13.  Bonus Activities (Fishing, snorkeling, etc.)

14.  Relaxing Environment (Pool, Jacuzzi, Hammock, etc.)