The famous Billabong slogan “Only a Surfer Knows the Feeling” is a great way to describe the sport and the feeling you will have once you learn it.  Learning to surf could be one of the most rewarding things you do in your lifetime.   It is also a sport that you can do at any age and almost anywhere in the world that has a coastline.

Just like many sports, being able to surf is a matter of knowing yourself and having faith in yourself.  Also being able to understand the ocean, learning the skills of the sport and making these elements come together is essential.  It takes more than just knowing how to stand up on a board to surf.  Yes, balance is a key ingredient but what takes the real time is understanding the ocean (swells, wave selection, conditions, etc.).

It takes time to learn how to surf and one way to condense the learning curve is to attend a surf camp with an experienced instructor, who will put you on the right board, in the right spot and get you up and riding more quickly.  Attending a surf school or camp can help you overcome any fears you may have of the ocean or just learning how to surf.  Having other participants at the same level as you makes for an un-intimidating more comfortable environment.  Here are a few more reasons why you should think about attending a surf school or camp soon.

-       Professional instruction

-       Safety certified (CPR, First Aid)

-       No crowds

-       Equipment provided

-       Others with the same skills as you

-       Friendly environment

-       Easy to learn on waves (surf breaks)

-       You will meet others with similar interests as you

-       Exercise and getting into shape

-       Being outdoor and one with nature

Waterways‘ is affiliated with surf schools and camps from the tropics of Latin America to the clean, green temperate zone of Ireland. Waterways has qualified all of these schools to be sure that their equipment, their instructors and techniques are first rate.  For a complete list of all their affiliated camps and schools you can visit the “Learn To Surf” page on the WaterWays’ website.