The November 2010 issue of Surfer Magazine published results from a survey where approx. 2,000 of their readers responded to surf related questions and here are a few of the results that we felt were pretty interesting.

1 out of 3 have never been on an overseas surf trip.

7 out of 10 have tried stand-up paddle-boarding.

44% live within 5 miles from the nearest surf spot.

73% fix their own dings.

38% check the swell report every morning.

90% prefer tubes over airs.

9% never remove their wax.

7 out of 10 would rather get a Surfer Mag cover than get a promotion.

2 out of 5 would charge massive Teahupoo if given the opportunity.

3 out of 4 believe they are more successful at work because of surfing.

29% said their ideal surf trip would be to the Mentawais.

Source:  Surfer Magazine Nov. 2010 Issue (pg. 78)