The Bohemian Yacht Charter, 3 Spots Available from October 18 – 29

by | Oct 4, 2010 | Last Minute Availability, Photos, Surf Travel, Surf Travel Specials

We as surfers have our own personal pursuits, that many other individuals may not understand or even deem as anything more than trivial.  Modern day “Bohemians”, on the path for the best wave, best barrel, and uncrowded surf.

The Bohemian, a 50-foot aluminum catamaran, is appropriately named to provide you with a yacht charter off the beaten path.  While the typical yacht charter heads to the Mentawais, the Bohemian, departs out of Medan and cruises up through Northern Sumatra.  Cruising at 8 knots on multi-hulls provides a smooth and stable ride while you explore the Banyaks, the Hinako Islands, and Nias.  With a group maximum of 6, this allows you to have a less crowded lineup where ever she sets anchor.

There are 3 spots available for the week of October 18 – 29, 2010 at the discounted rate of $1,880.00 per person, which also includes the roundtrip domestic flight from Sibolga to Medan.  If you ever dreamed of going to Indonesia, or on a yacht charter, this can be your dream come true.