Surf etiquette while traveling

by | Aug 27, 2010 | Surf Travel

Surfing Etiquette and respect for the locals are two very important things to learn before you travel anywhere to surf.  Having the understanding that you are on someone else turf and making sure to respect their break is not so much “rules” as it is proper code of conduct designed to keep everyone in the water safe and happy.  When traveling to a destination to surf we recommend that you follow and understand the following rules:

#1.  Respecting the island or beach you are surfing at.  Make sure to pack all your trash and “tread lightly”.  Leave little or no evidence that you were ever there to score surf! 

#2.  Don’t just paddle out and sit in the middle of the line up.  Wait for a couple of sets to pass by and ease your way into the line up giving priority to the locals at first.

#3.  The surfer closest to the peak where the wave is breaking has the right of way.  Do not drop in on the person if they are up and riding with priority.  Accidents happen, if you do drop in on them make sure to apologize right away.

#4.  When paddling back out into the line up make sure to keep your distance from people on the waves and always be aware of your surroundings.  Only ditch your board if you know there is no one behind you paddling out!

#5.  Make sure not to be a wave hog, especially in the beginning of your session.  If a set comes in let the local know that they can have the first wave of the set.

#6.  Don’t hoot anyone into a wave unless a local has already hooted at you on a wave!

#7.  Help out another surfer if they are in trouble or need assistance.

#8.  Only surf breaks that are in your ability range, if you are feeling uncomfortable before paddling out it probably isn’t your spot.

#9.  Have fun and score some surf!