What do the ASP Tour and Waterways have in common?

by | Aug 12, 2010 | News, Surf Travel

What does the ASP Tour and Waterways Surf Adventures have in common?

The next stop on the ASP World Tour is in Tahiti at the famous surf spot Teahupoo.  Tahiti has long been an ideal destination for the ASP Tour and is the site of the annual Billabong Pro Tahiti surf competition (Aug 23-Sep 3).  Surfing in Tahiti can be recorded back to around 1776 when Captain Cook saw local Tahitians canoes-surfing on a beach inside of Point Venus.  Tahiti has some of the most incredible reef breaks in the world and because of this has become one of Waterways top surf destinations.

One of our newest and most popular surf resort destinations is in Tikehau, Tahiti at the Ninamu Resort.  This resort is located about 200 miles north by northeast of the main French Polynesia island of Tahiti and true waterman’s paradise!  Hidden away on a motu in the southwest corner of the atoll, the Ninamu Resort is a water sportsman retreat that caters to surfers, divers, fishermen, kite surfers, SUPpers and anyone who loves cruising along the surface or just below in warm, tropical waters that are bursting with life and energy.

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