Fiji Surf Decree & Existing Bookings

by | Jul 15, 2010 | News, Surf Travel

As you are likely already aware, on July 1, 2010 with little forewarning the Fijian government passed a new law stating the following.

“Tourist and local surfers can from Friday July 9, 2010 access and use any surfing area in Fiji without having to pay or obtain permit or approval from any person”

What does this mean for Namotu guests?

Nothing is changing in relation to the operations of the island resort.  Namotu will continue to operate a private island resort accessible only to Namotu guests providing all the same accommodation, stand out service, gourmet food and activities as in the past.  The island remains ideally situated to access all the best surf in Fiji including Swimming Pools, Namotu Left, Wilkes Pass, Despos , Restaurants, Tavarua Rights and Cloudbreak.  The addition of these few new premier breaks will be of huge benefit to the surf program under strong trade wind conditions or if the swell is particularly small.

It is possible, and likely, that at some point during your stay you will share waves at Namotu Left with surfers not staying on Namotu.  However, we do not anticipate a large number of surfers to be opting to access Namotu Left over the other breaks in the area which have also become accessible.

However, at the same time we realize that some passengers may anticipate their experience will be negatively impacted by the new regulation and the trip to which they have committed is no longer the “same” trip being provided.  We do not wish to create any stress in what is supposed to be a pleasurable travel experience and are offering all our passengers currently under deposit or some other level of pre-payment the following concession and options.

For passengers traveling during the high season period of Feb 26 – Nov 4 we will reduce your package price by $460 per person.  This reduction will be applied against the current package price on which you have placed your deposit/payment.

For passengers traveling during the low season period of Nov 5 – Feb 25 which was previously already discounted we will reduce your package price by another $100 per person.  This reduction will be applied against the current package price on which you have placed your deposit.

These new rates will be in effect for all passengers under deposit traveling July 15, 2010 or later.

In addition, we are offering all passengers scheduled to travel August 5 or later the opportunity to cancel their travel plans without penalty – 100% refund of all trip cost.  Unfortunately we are unable to authorize a full refund to passengers traveling prior to August 5 due to the penalties on your airline tickets which are out of our control.  Should passengers traveling prior to August 5 wish to cancel we will refund the resort component of your holiday.

Passengers wishing to cancel and receive a full refund must submit a cancelation notice in writing by July 23, 2010 to Sara Tatro .  It will be assumed that passengers who do not cancel by this time plan on traveling as scheduled and will be subject to standard cancelation penalties.  EXCEPTION:  Given the close nature of the departure date, passengers scheduled to travel Aug 5 and wishing to cancel must submit written notice of cancelation by July 16.

Discounted rates are only available to those passengers already under some level of deposit or payment.

For those of you who have lived the Namotu Experience you already know that Namotu is much more than just a surf destination.  Namotu offers a truly unique experience for friends, families and like minded people to experience an amazing slice of South Pacific beauty, culture and hospitality.

We sincerely look forward to seeing you again, or for the first time, and sharing with you this special place.