October is shaping up to be an excellent month with El Nino producing late season South West Swells. is forecasting two back-to-back swells from Oct. 3rd-10th and the conditions are looking great.  There is no better place to experience a late season south swell than at Chicama Surf Resort.

Built in 2006 directly on the beach at one of the longest waves in the world, Chicama Surf Resort is the epitome of comfort and class. The resort has 19 tastefully appointed bedrooms with balconies, an infinity pool overlooking the point, trained chefs, steam room, plus massage and spa facilities. So when you aren’t scoring the longest waves of your life, you’re able to truly relax and enjoy this South American dream destination.

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350 5th Ave, Floor 64,
Austin, TX, 78718

+123 456 7896

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