Jersey Shore Lifeguards Score in Nicaragua

by | Nov 26, 2012 | Travel Stories

Frank, Gary, Joe, Ray, Mitchell and Dave are living the lifeguard dream; summers at the shore and some time in the winter for tropical surf travel. They called in some old childhood markers from CJ at Waterways Surf Adventures and he set them up with the “Deluxe Friends Of CJ” Package at Ventana A Las Olas. Why? Top 10 ranking in Top Surf Destinations, Top Luxury Surf Resorts and Best Value.

The Jersey Boys scored on all fronts. These guys are tough and they can surf. Despite 2+ sessions nearly every day, they managed to work in some time to bring clothing down for the local community, a visit to the Mombacho Zipline and a tour of Colonial Granada. They wanted it all and they got it and more.

Exceeded expectations? Wow. Best surf trip ever? Without a doubt. Coming back? Yes. After experiencing Ventana A Las Olas, how could we go anywhere else?

– Ventana A Las Olas

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