The Setup at J Bay South Africa

by | Jul 11, 2012 | Photos, Surf Travel

Jeffreys Bay aka “J-Bay” is considered by almost any surfer as one of the most perfect waves and point breaks on the planet.  The famous point of J bay is located in the town of Jeffreys Bay which is in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.  The Jeffreys Bay area landed on the surf map after the iconic cult surf movie “The Endless Summer” was released in the 1960’s.  Surfer Magazine recently included Jeffrey’s Bay in its list of Meccas – surf trips that all surfers must make. Spectators and pro surfers flock to J Bay every July for the annual Billabong Pro ASP World Tour surfing event at Supertubes.  The J Bay point itself consists of five separate sections and there is a section along this point for every level of surfer, including:

Super Tubes can get large (up to about 10 – 12 feet). This is the ultimate test of your surfing ability. It is very fast, powerful, very long and as the name suggests, getting tubed is the name of the game.  Salad Bowls and Tubes are short, perfect, hollow waves. Once you master these, you are prepared for Super Tubes.

The Point is 100% enjoyable with cutback sections and everything else you could possibly want from a wave. The waves here tend to be a little smaller than those at Boneyard or Supers. The difference is that you will have a much longer ride here than at the other two.