Romantic Surf Getaways

by | Sep 20, 2011 | Surf Travel

Who says a surf trip can’t be a romantic getaway for you and your significant other?  Most people consider surf trips as a time to get away from the rat race and score some epic surf with a group of friends.  But things have changed and more people are incorporating their romantic travels with surfing, some even booking a surf destination for their honeymoon!  Listed below are some great surf destinations that you just might want to consider when planning your next romantic getaway.

Fiji is obviously one of the top romantic getaways in the world and has great surf to go with its beauty.  Both Tavarua and Namotu Islands have pristine white sand beaches with warm sea breezes, sweet aromas of tropical flowers in the air and breathtaking sunsets reflecting off the crystal clear waters, all while a perfect left reef break reels in the background.  For world class surfing, diving, snorkeling, sailboarding, kite surfing, fishing and standup paddle boarding, Fiji is the place!

When we think of the Mentawais we think of world class surfing only, perfect barreling reef breaks with crystal clear warm waters, but we don’t realize there are world class accommodations as well.  What is more romantic than your own private bungalow with amazing ocean views of perfect surf?  The Kandui Villas in the Mentawais offers luxury accommodations for any couple looking to relax and surf.  The resort also has an amazing restaurant, bar, game room and spa to unwind after a long day of surfing.

Destinations like Fiji and the Mentawais are just a few out of hundreds of amazing romantic surf destinations awaiting your next surf getaway!  To book your next romantic surf trip contact a WaterWays Travel Specialist today!