Surf Travel on a Budget

by | Aug 19, 2011 | Surf Travel

1.  Booking – book your surf trip in advance and during the non-peak travel season.

2.  Travel Specials – sign up for the travel special/discount package newsletter.

3.  Packing – pack all of your travel essentials in your carry-on and save on additional  baggage fees.

4.  Board Bag – keep your board bag light weight so the airline agents don’t charge you for over weight fees.

5.  Lodging – stay at the resorts where your meals and drinks are included in the overall price.

6.  Group rates – book your surf trip with a group of friends and receive group discount rates.

7.  Airline Food – save money by bringing your own food and snacks onto the airplane, airplane food is usually sketchy anyways!

8.  Airline Tickets – If you have frequent flyer miles, use them!

9.  Over Booking -  Take advantage of overbooking. By volunteering your seat when a flight is overbooked you can earn free flights and often even cash from the airline.

10.  ATM Fees – avoid using the ATM at the airport or in places that charge large service fees.

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