Your Travel Quiver

by | Apr 20, 2011 | Surf Travel

Photo Credit: Studio 7 Photography

What boards should I bring on my next surf trip?  This is probably one of the most important questions every surfer asks before they begin to pack for a surf trip.  To help you prepare for your next surf trip we have put together a general list of boards that are versatile for any surf trip.  Picking the right boards to pack on your next surf trip should be based on the type of surf breaks, skill level, conditions and surf size of the region you will be traveling to.

Thruster – This is your typical tri-fin shortboard with a squash tail used in small to mid-range surf.  Basically your standard every day go to shortboard for most conditions.

Fish or Hybrid – Good for slower and lacking power waves, typically have two “Twin Fin” to three fins and are extremely maneuverable in small- to medium-sized surf.  This is a must have board for a lot of surf travelers.

Step Up – This board is designed for well over head pumping surf and usually the board of choice between your everyday shortboard and gun.

The Gun – This board is designed for the really big stuff and is not necessary for your trip unless you like to ride surf in the double over head range +.  It is a longer (8’-10’) pin tail and higher volume board built for the speed and intensity of big surf.

Fun Shape – This board supports all types of surfers in a variety of conditions.  Ranging in length from 7′ to 8’4″, easier to maneuver than a long board and a great board to learn on.  Fun in the surf heights of waist to head high range at a mushy break (lacking power).

Longboard – This might be your primary board or could be a fun back up to have if the surf gets small one of the days.  The length of this ranges from 8’ to 10’6 and can be ridden from the tail to the nose.