Bird’s eye view of Tavarua

by | Dec 14, 2010 | Photos, Surf Travel

It is not hard to understand why Tavarua Island is considered by the surf population as the mother of all world-class surf resorts.  As you can see from these aerial shots, Tavarua Island is perfectly positioned to take in all that swell resonating up from the Southern Ocean.The reefs around Tavarua and Namotu are endlessly fascinating from above and below.  As this aerial shot shows, the island of Namotu is just a short distance from Tavarua and offers some amazing reef breaks.  What Restaurants is to Tavarua, Namotu Left is to Namotu – a world-class reef break that’s more forgiving than its fearsome, more famous neighbor Cloudbreak.

As you can see from the aerial view above of Tavarua, the Resort is located on the opposite side of the island from the owners & staff units making for a secluded and relaxing setting.
The surfing is world class, but Tavarua also offers ideal conditions for flat-water and wave riding with kites and sailboards.  Land based activities also abound with a tennis court, fitness center, boutique shop, games bure, beach volleyball court and luxury swimming pool.  Tavarua comfortably holds 36 guests in 16 private bures located amongst the lush foliage of the island.