The next level of luxury surf travel

by | Dec 13, 2010 | Photos, Surf Travel

WaterWays Travel is proud to announce their newest luxury surf destination located in the middle of the surf mecca known as ‘Playgrounds’.  The Kandui Villas offers the next level of luxury surf accommodations and is situated amongst world class waves of the Mentawais.

The Kandui Villas offer twelve private bungalows – known in the Mentawai as umas and have all been hand built using the finest local hardwoods.  The resort has contributed greatly to the local Mentawai people by providing employment and hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Mentawai economy.

The resort is aware of the tsunami threat and they have taken precautions for the safety of their guests, and their own families. Kandui Villas is an official partner on the German-Indonesian Tsunami early warning system. The only real-time GPS monitoring station for their system is located at Kandui Villas and they will be notified within 2 minutes of the event.  “There is no such thing as being overly-prepared for a possible tsunami,” Jordan Heuer said. “I take this very seriously not only because I want my guests and workers to be safe, but also because I live out here with my wife, my six-year old daughter Kanna, and 1.5-year old daughter, Kya.”

Whether you choose to surf the world’s best waves, or just relax and enjoy yourself, Kandui Villas will not disappoint.  Surfing is not the only activity on the island, Kandui Villas also offers world-class fishing, snorkeling, volleyball, ping pong, SPA, local cultural tours and the only infinity pool in Western Sumatra.  The resort was designed for the surf traveler who wants to feel comfortable and confident enough to bring their significant other and families.  Early bookings are encouraged so what are you waiting for, book now!