8 Reasons to take a Surf Trip

by | Oct 8, 2010 | Surf Travel

Looking for a good reason to take a surf trip?  (The following list is in no particular order)

1. No one else is!

With the recent turn in the economy many surfers are sticking to their home breaks and passing on their annual destination surf trips, resulting in your local breaks getting more crowded and destination surf spots going unridden!

2.     Great Rates and Year end deals

Travel companies are offering some of the best deals and incentives of all time to stimulate tourism right now.  Strike while the iron is hot and the deals are hotter!

3.     Can’t handle another day at work!

You have spent all year working and not treating yourself to anything, now is the time to take a break and score some epic surf.

4.     Life is too short

Everyone says the famous words “yeah I will go there next year” and it never happens, before you know it years have past by and all your friends are telling you about how they scored on that trip you pasted up!

5.     The World is Changing

As we all know, surf spots and beautiful destinations are changing everyday.  Some of the changes can be good, (like the Tavarua Fijian decree, allowing public use) but other changes can be devastating to a surf spot changing it forever. (building a jetty or harbor)

6.     Need to Clear your Mind

Some times life gets the best of us and we just need some time to unwind and enjoy the things we like best.  Nothing is better than surfing perfect barreling waves all day in crystal clear warm waters!

7.     Bonding with your Buddies

Taking a boat trip with your buddies is a great way to bond and enjoy trading off on waves with no one else out!

8.     Experiencing different Cultures

Taking a surf trip some where new not only gives you the opportunity to surf new breaks, but also to experience new cultures.  Taking a surf trips is a great way to learn about new cultures and customs.