Maldives Essentials

by | Aug 17, 2010 | Surf Travel

Traveling in a group, how does it work?

The hardest part is coordinating the same date with your friends. Check out the availability with your Waterways travel agent, decide a date which everyone agrees on and book it asap.

1) Make a list of possible travel buddies and determine a per person budget.

2) Decide the best dates for everyone in party and airline of choice depending on budget.

3) Check flight availability with an airline representative or Waterways agent on package deals.

4) Confirm with your Waterways agent the travel dates and flight number.

5) Your Waterways travel specialist will send you an email confirmation with your travel details.

6) Have everyone in the group contact the Waterways agent to reserve their spot in the package.

7) A Waterways agent will send you an invoice with booking terms.

9) A representative from your Waterways destination will greet you at the airport upon arrival.

What is a usual day like at Chaaya Island?

Usually the day goes like this:

1) Wake up, grab some breakfast!

2) Check to see what the surf is doing

3) If the surf is going off, hop on the boat and head to one of the many great surf spots

4) If the surf is small, enjoy other activities like; fishing, snorkeling/diving or hanging at the pool

5) After your morning session grab some lunch and a cool beverage

6) After lunch go out for another session (unlimited boat transfers)

7) Return from your afternoon activity and grab a cool beverage at the bar, relax by the pool

8) Dinner time and drinks

9) Enjoy some evening activities and maybe even karaoke

10) Get some rest cause there will be plenty of things to do tomorrow

What do I do if there is not any surf?

If the surf is not good (rarely) there are plenty of other things to do.  Go get a massage at the spa, play tennis, take a swim in the huge pool, relax on the white sand beach, go diving or fishing.  (Unfortunately there is no golf in the Maldives as the islands are all too small).

How many boards do I bring to Maldives?

We recommend at least 2 or 3 boards for 3-8 foot hollow reef breaks, better to bring a fish than a gun, especially in summer season (march-April). Talk with the other people in your group to see what boards they are bringing and share if necessary.  We also rent all types of boards if you break or do not want to spend the money with the airlines for transportation.

Is there an extra tax for board bags?

Not really. Emirates, Qatar, Sri Lankan and Singapore Airlines are all surfer friendly when it comes to bring boards, but don’t exceed 30 Kgs. for your check-in luggage.  The domestic flights are small Turboprop planes which have room for board bags up to 10ft, but if you hold a big board bag with 9ft+ longboards, please let your travel agent know before hand.   They ask for no more than 30kg for your board bag.

What are the most essential accessories?

We recommend you to bring at least 1 tropical wax bar every 3 days. Water temps range from 80-85 degrees and base coat wax sticks even better! Make sure to de-wax your board before arriving if you have cold-water wax on it. Don’t forget your long sleeve rash guard and your reef booties (not essential but it’s better to have and not use them than vice versa).  Also bring an extra leash and solar cure ding repair kit in case your board gets a taste of the reef!

How is the weather and sun going to be?

During the summer season (March-April), it’s sunny almost every day so be prepared with higher SPF sunscreen (SPF 45), and it is a good idea to bring a water hat to wear while surfing. In winter (May-October), it’s often overcast but the sun can still be strong and nothing ruins a trip like a bad sun burn.

Are the reefs dangerous?

Every spot in the Maldives is a reef break so don’t expect to get any beach break action.  Most of the reefs are rather smooth and flat, but every spot varies and the reef can get sharper.  Most of the breaks can be really shallow so you really need to know how to handle the reef properly (don’t dive head first (bring a helmet if you like to dive head first), always land flat on wipe-outs, avoid stepping on the reef with out booties). Most of the injuries are minor reef cuts and nothing a little aloe vera can cure!

Do I need local money or do US dollars work?

There is ATM machine right at the airport when you land (US$1.00 = 12.75 Rufiyaa), though US cash is accepted everywhere in the Maldives and can also be brought home with you. You may need some local money in case you wish to buy something in the village or eating out at a local cafe’.  Currency Converter

Where to stay in Male’?

We recommend you stay at the Chaaya Island Dhonveli Beach & Spa (formerly Tari Village Resort then Dhonveli Resort), on the islet of Kanu Huraa. Chaaya Island Dhonveli is a not a surf resort, it’s a five-star resort that has contracted Atoll Adventures and WaterWays to caters to surfers because it happens to have a perfect left wrapping around one side. Pasta Point, the left reef that breaks a martini-olive’s throw from the bar and restaurant at the resort.  Dhonveli is less than 10 miles from the main airport at Male, a 30 minute transfer by speed boat. The resort has a small armada of modern and traditional and dhoni style boats for surf, dive, fishing and island hopping trips, and the surf boats are on hand at all times – on your schedule!