Gavin R. Just returned from a Waterways surf trip to Costa Rica.

The trip was fantastic. You really gave me some great advice. Great place to take the girlfriend and score some great surf. It was 6-8 just about everyday. Hermosa was not really breaking that good, but I caught Barranca, playa Escondido and Estrillos all really good. 300 meter rides at Barranca. Ismael was a great guide and we had a blast. This trip is a winner. I will certainly be heading back again soon. Thanks for all your guidance. It was spot on.

Surfing back here is interesting  after being in CR. Never felt any crowd issues down here. Surfing  Lowers on Sunday and Monday with the crowd was interesting, though Sunday was not that bad. Last Friday was actually good in the Southbay.

Thanks again for all your help. Hope to surf with you soon.

Witch’s Rock, Ollie’s Point, Tamarindo, Nosara and some of the famous places you’ve heard about are in this part of Costa Rica, but there’s another dozen or two spots you haven’t heard about but will be very glad to meet. Tropical sunshine, jungle to the water’s edge, empty beaches, friendly people and a reassuring feeling of safety and security. These are the elements that attract people to Costa. GO THERE >>