Ventana a Las Olas, Nicaragua, NOW OPEN!

by | Jun 25, 2009 | Surf Travel


So you like to get barreled and you fancy yourself a bit of a tube master? You’ve gone deep around Indo, the North Shore, Tahiti, various places in Mexico and other locales around the world.  What you have really been looking for is Nicaragua.

In the words of Kyla Langen, Transworld Surf; Nicaragua is Central America’s largest, least densely populated country and arguably the safest and most pristine. With hollow beach breaks, rocky A-frames, playful river mouths, and big-wave outer reefs, Nicaragua is a surfer’s Shangri-la.”

Ventana a las Olas, “Window to the Waves, is a new and exclusive WaterWays Surf Adventures retreat where you and a few good friends and family can surf to your heart’s content, learn yoga, explore, or just relax and escape the world.

The Ventana a las Olas experience is all about personalized small group attention and service.  From the type of surf preferred, specially prepared meals, activities or general sight seeing your hosts are available before, during and after your trip ensure that all your needs and desires are addressed.

Each of the 7 tastefully decorated rooms has a queen sized-bed, private bathroom and high speed Wi Fi so you can email your freezing friends back home and tell them: “Believe the hype!”

Escape – Relax – Repeat