Surfboard-friendly Airlines

Air Emirates (Free) – Included in your checked baggage.

Air France (Free-$50+) – If it is less than 200 cm, it’s included in the baggage allowance (this can vary depending on the flight and some flights only allow one checked bag). Max weight of 50 lbs per item.

Air New Zealand (Free) – Up to 50 lbs in weight per bag and is part of your two bag limit.

British Airways (Free) – As part of your checked baggage. Boards must be smaller than 75ins x 29.5ins x 25.5ins.

Interjet (Mexico) (Free) – Max weight is 55 lbs per passenger. Be careful, any excess baggage will have a fee of $50.00.

Lan (Free) - board height cannot exceed 9’6″ or 99 lbs.

Qantas (Free) – part of your two bag checked limit. Must be in a bag and may not exceed 66lbs in weight and 109″ in length.

Singapore (Free) – As part of your two bag limit. After two board limit it’s $109 each way.

South African Airlines (Free) – As part of your two bag limit, can not exceed 200 cm in length.

Virgin Atlantic (Free) – limit to only one board bag per customer. Must not exceed 277cm in length and 23Kg in weight.

The information and rates above can change depending on travel dates and with out notice.  Please visit the official airlines websites or contact an airlines agent for more information.

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