New Mentawais Luxury Yacht “Mutiara Laut”

We are proud to introduce the newest yacht to the Mentawais fleet, the Mutiara Laut.  This surf charter yacht offers its travelers plenty of space and luxury while touring the remote islands of West Sumatra in search of epic waves.

Mutiara Laut expeditions aren’t just for the surf obsessed; the combination of unmatched luxury and service, fully equipped scuba diving capabilities, on board massage and yoga, scheduled self-improvement workshops, spacious comfort, top surf guides, celebrity guests and of course, sensational waves make the Mutiara Laut an unmatched surfing experience and a meaningful adventure to share with friends and family.  Book your dream trip on this luxury yacht and sail off in search of perfect wave!

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2 Responses to New Mentawais Luxury Yacht “Mutiara Laut”

  1. Dustin says:

    thanks guys awesome video morieems flashing back at the time used to go fishing out on the reef wif my mum.Luv samoa so much just cant afford to go there all the time.miss my village puapua savaii n my family.good to c u love your surfing.

  2. I like the stylish exterior of this luxury yacht and its spacious comfort. Mentawais Luxury Yacht meaningful adventure and surfing experience is amazing. I really miss the hospitality of the crew members on board!

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