Help Stop The Reef Bombing!

For over 1 month now, the Playgrounds area in the Mentawai has had at least 3 boats every day bombing the reefs.  When the weather is good, they can do over 5 cycles of bombing and collecting the dead fish in a day. Each cycle is between 5 – 8 bombs.  Just doing a low average that is over 2250 bombs that have been exploded in a 15 mile radius area.  You can see what this looks like from footage shot above.

Please take a minute and share this video link with whoever you think can help to get the word out!

You can help by signing the Petition here:

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One Response to Help Stop The Reef Bombing!

  1. Marty Hoffman says:

    The damage done by these guys is incredible if you venture down to sumba ,sumbawa etc. has so many what were pristine aesome coral reefs that are now piles of rubble , due to this (bombing) get it now mentality practice , They catch the bomb makers at there bomb making facility which is usualy there hm garage , And they will quite often have enough materials to make up hundreds of these w/1000 blasting caps etc. The real ? is how long before they are doing it for local muslim fanatics ? and with what they have easy to make up a rather dangerous large bomb. Anyways hope we can get this type of activity under control ? I wish you much luck in a place where they dont want your input .

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