Chicama Swell Alert: 2 Weeks of Consistent Surf!

The surf just doesn’t stop at Chicama, Peru.  This could be one of the most consistent periods of surf in a long time with 12 days straight days of very significant surf.  That is so unusual.  Generally a good swell in the Chicama region only lasts 3-4 days.  This is a 6-12 ft swell and periods of 16-20 seconds for almost two weeks straight!

The General Manager of Chicama Surf Resort, Miguel Vegas  van Oordt released the following statement regarding the up coming swells:

Surfline anuncia un par de semana Increíbles en Chicama, son 3 SWELLS seguidos con condiciones perfectas, separen su habitación hoy y aprovechen esta súper temporada!!!!

Surfline announces 2 incredible weeks in Chicama, 3 SWELLS in a row with perfect conditions, book today !!!

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