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Pete Santilli
boardcord Pete Santilli
Surf tourism in Peru attracts over 20000 visitors per year
ESPN Surfing
ESPN_Surf ESPN Surfing
Fishing through the flatness – October is a tenacious month, where the summer and winter battle it out, causing deep…
SURFING Rulebook
SURFINGRulebook SURFING Rulebook
Rule No. 336: Maybe just tell that baggage agent to f-k off.

The Surfer's Journal SurfersJournal

Today’s Trivia: What method was sometimes used at the Huntington Beach Pier to keep surfers warm in the pre-wetsuit 1950’s?

Wooohooooo! Tropical Storm Richard aka “TS Dick” has formed! C’monnnn gimme some waves!!!!
indo surf life
indosurflife indo surf life
Amazing pics from this spectacular place: Scar Reef

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