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Trace X Waterways

Make sure to pack your Trace so that you can relive this epic journey.

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What is Trace?

What is Trace?


WaterWays and Trace have joined forces to offer a special setup to get your travel quiver dialed:

What is included in this pack are 3 extra sets of mounts for all the boards for your trip. Trace, the world’s most-advanced action sports tracker, features all this and more:

  • All-day Battery Life means no more worrying about running out of juice, Trace has internal battery that lasts all day.
  • 10x More Accuracy than any smartphone GPS.
  • 9 Sensors accurately track every movement of your board with centimeter precision.
  • 100% Water Proof and built to withstand any terrain.
  • Auto GoPro Editing overlays live data directly onto your footage.



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