Surf Trip Destination in Tahiti

Moorea Surf Inn

The setting is epic, the beds are comfortable, the hospitality is French Polynesian, but the two things you will remember for the rest of your life are the quality of the surf and the food.



Located about 20 seconds from the edge of the lagoon at Ha’apiti, and a short boat ride out to the surf break, Moorea Surf Inn is custom made for surfers and ocean-lovers who want to maximize their enjoyment of the Society Islands.

Moorea Surf Inn is owned and operated by Tama Pacomme. They oversee three, one-story, hardwood buildings on a 3-acre grassy lot, offering camping, dorm rooms and private rooms. The dorms are a good way to meet new people, learn about the island and plot new adventures. The private rooms are fan cooled and comfortable offering that extra privacy many prefer. A naturally beautiful setting, comfortable rooms, exquisite food, French Polynesian hospitality and world class surf merge to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Moorea Surf Inn has bicycles available, and also free snorkeling gear and canoes for exploring the lagoon. Surfers will benefit from the intimate knowledge of local guides- who know every variable weather (make this a link) condition and will drive the boat to the best spot each day.



Moorea B & B design features three bungalows connected by raised wooden boardwalks. The central bungalow is the common area featuring the lounge, dining area and kitchen. Guests congregate during meal times or when relaxing from the day’s activities.

The two connected bungalows are accommodations, each containing two bedrooms with a shared bathroom and hot showers. The bedrooms can be configured for private accommodations or dormitory style with a maximum of 4 guests per room. The rooms are fan cooled and all guests enjoy free unlimited wi-fi, breakfast as well as use of the kayaks, outrigger canoes and bicycles.

Guests are welcome to use the kitchen facilities and BBQ area for preparation of meals, or at a fair price are welcome to join the family meal at dinner time. Grocery shopping is convenient with a general market and shops not far down the road.

The atmosphere is relaxed with guests welcomed as part of the family.



Just across the lagoon from Moorea Surf Inn, Ha’apiti is a long, perfect left wrapping the along the edge of a tropical reef pass breaking in crystal clear water far from shore. The wave is on the edge of a deep lagoon with an absolutely spectacular backdrop of jungle-covered volcanic mountains.

Ha’apiti breaks from 2 feet to 20 feet and the intensity level goes up with every two feet of swell. Ha’apiti has the potential to give you a fun long workable wall, the best barrel of your life or the worst bashing ever. The waves on Moorea break with open ocean power over live coral and as most other waves in the region there can be very strong currents with incoming and outgoing tides.

It is a perfect wave that is usually bigger than it looks from land and guests at Moorea Surf Inn will enjoy the short boat ride to the pass and save their paddling energy for the session.

But there are quite a few waves other than Ha’apiti.

  • Tamae Right
  • Taotai Right & Left
  • Papetoai Left
  • Cooks Bay Left
  • Opunohu Bay Right
Seasons & Weather

Seasons & Weather

The Society Islands have two very distinct surf seasons. The French Polynesian summer is November to March when winter swells from the northern hemisphere push past Hawaii to the reefs on the north and west coast of the island. However, it is not uncommon to receive small clean consistent south swell during these northern hemisphere winter months. This is also the rainy season, when Moorea can be visited by the rare tropical cyclone.

April to October is winter in Moorea and there is a distinct change in the surf with swell generated off Antarctica moving north through the South Pacific. It is these powerful swells that light up the reef passes on the south coat of each island.

The shoulder months of March through May and mid September through early November are often best combining mid size South Swell with glassy/light and variable wind conditions. Air temperatures stay between 75° and 85° all year long.

The air temperature peaks in March and then dips to its lowest point from June to September because of the southeast trade wind called the Maraamu. The water temperature stays between 78° and 82° but it is highly recommended to bring booties, rash guards, hats, and consider helmets, waterproof sunglasses and even rubber, to ward off the potential dangers of coral reefs below, and relentless tropical sun above.



  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Shopping
  • Kayaking
  • SUP

Explore Moorea’s lagoons or rent a scooter and take a full tour of the island. Ride up to Belvidere for a spectacular view overlooking both Cooks and Opunhoo Bay.



MOOREA SURF INN – Rates 2019


Private Daily Guide Service:
Surfer Rate: $ 135.00 per person
Non-Surfer $ 99.00 per person
INCLUDED in the tour: resort pickup and drop-off, 1 surf tour daily,  lights snacks & refreshments
Nightly Room Rates INCLUDING shared guide service:
Double/Twin: $ 121.00 per person
Single Share $ 135.00 per person
Single Private: $ 191.00 per person
INCLUDED in the tour: nightly accommodations & 1 surf tour daily
Continental Breakfast: $ 15.00 per person
US Breakfast: $ 18.00 per person
Dinner $ 35.00 per person
• Photography Service:
Full Day: $ 65.00 per person