Nusa Dewata

Nusa Dewata means “Island of the Gods” in Bahasa Indonesian, which is appropriate because this 68’ (stern to bowsprit), Indo-built, wooden sailing sloop is made for exploring islands that were designed by Gods who love surfers.



Nusa Dewata was built in 1992 and completely rebuilt in 2009 as an Indonesian charter vessel. Powered by the wind, and a 120 HP main engine, the Nusa Dewata cruises along at 6-8 knots. This is one of the most unique Indonesian-built boats in the Mentawai fleet with a long history of successful charters. Nusa Dewata comfortably accommodates groups of six maximum which is perfect for small groups, families, father/son charters and all-girl trips.

The A/C cooled bunk room is roomy and comfortable and while the kitchen may not be equipped with stainless steel appliances, the food is great and there’s plenty of it!

Nusa Dewata is owned and operated by Simon Dale, an Australian who worked as a cray fisherman in West Australia, an oilfield diver around Southeast Asia and a yacht deliverer around the world before he bought the Nusa Dewata in 2006. Captain Dale has been surfing Indonesia since the 1970s and the Mentawai since 1996 and prides himself in putting guests into quality, uncrowded surf in the less glamorized but still firing corners of the Mentawai.



Nusa Dewata is 68 feet long from bow sprit to transom (60’ at waterline) and is equipped with weather fax and all the modern communications, navigation and safety equipment expected on a professional charter. She has a 15-person life raft, flares, life jackets, firefighting equipment, SSB radio VHF radio, two hand-held radios, EPIRB, GPS, depth sounder and an extensive first aid kit for all sorts of emergencies.

Nusa Dewata can accommodate as many as six surfers in air-conditioned, dorm-style beds below deck. There is an outside shower for rinsing off all the sun and salt. The saloon has an IPod, TV and DVD player for your entertainment needs.

Topside, Nusa Dewata has plenty of shaded deck area both forward and rear for guests to relax and enjoy their surroundings or get ready their next surf session.

The crew consists of the skipper, an Australia-trained Indonesian cook, and one or two Indonesian deck hands who will ferry you to the lineup and to land in a 15’ aluminum tender with an 60 HP outboard.



Nusa Dewata has been working the Mentawai Island chain as long as any boat in the business but she can also travel to the Telos Islands on request.

Telo Islands – There are a number of spots around the island, including the long, bowling Max’s Left, the fun, bowling Max’s Right, a hollow right at GT’s, the longboard-perfect right at Pinnacles as well as Schoolyards, Le Ba, the Bubble and the E.R.

Ebay – A perfect barreling left that needs a bit more swell. Very scenic.

Kandui – A very fast, challenging, barreling lefthander that breaks from 3 – 12 feet, but is Triple Black Diamond over six feet.

Nokandui – A long, hollow freight-train left hander, that needs size and perfect conditions to be makeable.

4 Bobs – Short right well protected from most winds, shallow reef.

Bank Vaults – Right hander that can be a little shifty, but serves up backdoor barrels. Very heavy board snapping power with size.
Nipussi – A very consistent short fun easy right.

Scarecrows – Just another world-class lefthander that will satisfy your wildest dreams – and occasionally match your worst nightmares.

Telescopes – A long, beautiful lefthand reef pass that is out to sea and exposed, so prone to the wind. A spectacular wave.

Lance’s Left – Quality fun long left, very consistent, best with southeast wind. Can be a series of lefts if you want to push further up the reef.

Lance’s Right (HT’s) – One of the best right hand barrels in the Mentawai with a couple take off zones. Best with no wind or Northwest wind. Be careful of the “Surgeons Table” and inside area of shallow sharp reef.

Macaronis – Voted the best wave in the world by Tracks Magazine and “funnest wave” by Waves Magazine, this left hander is the star of countless surf videos. A hollow but manageable take off followed by a long wall that is often workable, or hollow. Makes the average surfer feel like a super star!

Rifles – One of the best rights in Indonesia, a long hollow wall with multiple tube sections. To make the length of the wave you must commit to riding the tube, likes the south swell and light northwest winds.

Thunders – A swell magnet and “go to” spot when the swell is small. This can be a fun long walled left with multiple tube sections, but when big provides a “Sunset” like drop that sometimes gets a bit fat and shoulders off down the line.

Rags Left – A long barreling wave that turns on during large southwest swells and has been surfed up to 15 feet.

Rags Right – This wave has been described as “a formidable opponent to your health, safety, and well-being.” Low tide is out of the question, but on a high tide and the proper swell, this is one of the thickest, hollowest tubes in the Mentawai’s.

The Hole – A fast hollow left with quick take off and hollow end section. Ends in very shallow water, better for advanced surfers.

Seasons & Weather

Seasons & Weather

The Mentawai are in western Indonesia, just below the equator, so these islands generally see more rainfall than Bali and the islands further southeast. Indonesia as a whole has a tropical climate and in the Mentawai in particular, there is little difference in the length of a day any time of year. Indonesia’s seasons divide in two: wet and dry.

The wet season begins in October and lasts until March, with the peak rainfall measured in January and February, when high pressure flowing south from the Asian mainland combines with humid air from the Indian Ocean to bring rain throughout the archipelago. Although the northern and western islands receive more rainfall than those areas in the south and east, it can rain at any time of year.
March/April is the beginning of dry season, when high pressure over Australia pushes air north to blanket Indonesia with warm, dry air. The dry season peaks during June through August, which is also in the heart of surf season.

Prime swell season for Indonesia is the southern hemisphere winter months from March/April through September/October when Low pressure systems off Antarctica and the Indian Ocean pulse ground swells toward the equator.

Winds are also a factor to be considered. May through Aug/Sept typically sees easterly trades which are favorable for many of the main breaks. November through February generally sees northwesterly winds, which may not be favorable for the big name breaks, but there are waves that favor this northerly wind direction.

The shoulder or transition months of March/April and September/October will experience light and variable winds due to the changing of seasons. These transition months often experience glassy conditions and can be the best time to sample a larger variety of waves.

Air temperatures range between 75° and 85° all year and water temperatures are always in that same range.

If you want big surf with favorable winds, May to September is probably best. If you want to experience some glassy conditions and get a few more rights and less people but possibly sacrifice some swell size then March/April or late Sept/Oct is probably best. If you don’t mind rain but want good surface conditions and smaller, clean surf with nobody else around: give the off-season a try, from November to February.



  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Surfing
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Cards
  • Movies


package includes:

  • 11 Night Charters / 10 days surfing. *
  • air conditioned berth accommodations
  • 3+ meals per day.
  • non alcoholic beverages + 3 beers per day
  • round trip airport transfers
  • use of snorkeling and fishing equipment
  • hopefully the best surf of your life

September & October are still prime months to be chartering in the Mentawai. South swells are still consistent and large coming up from the Southern Hemispher. The late season months Nov & December historically still see better surf then most places in the world and there are very few other surfers in the area; expect to be surfing with just the people on your charter. The Mentawai Islands are a year round surf destination!


Charter No. Dates Availability
10 June 20 – July 01 Booked
11 July 03 – 14 Booked
12 July 20 – 31 Booked
13 August 03 – 14 Booked
14 August 14 – 25 Booked
15 August 28 – September 08 Booked
16 September 10 – 21 Booked
17 September 23 – October 04 Open
18 October 06 – 17 Booked
19 October 19 – 30 Open
20 November 01 – 12 Open
21 November 15 – 26 Open
22 November 29 – December 10 Booked
23 December 12 – 23 Open

2017 Rates

$ 2,500.00 Per Person
Not Included: Mentawai Surfer of Rp. 1,000,000 (approx $75 – $100USD)