Sola Gracia Surf Charter

The Sola Gracia is a 74’ motor cruiser in search of epic surf through the South Pacific, Indo Pacific and Indonesia.



Join the owners and crew of the 74’ motor cruiser Sola Gracia on an epic voyage through the South Pacific, Indo Pacific and Indonesia. With a range of over 3000 nautical miles the course will allow groups to explore the many reefs of Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Indo Pacific, Nusa Tenggara, Java, Sumatra and Northern Indonesia. While each charter will visit known breaks in each location, this mission is about exploration utilizing intel collected and local guides along with nautical charts and Google Earth to locate breaks seldom surfed.

While not surfing there will be time to focus on kite-surfing, free diving, fishing and island excursions.

Exceptional Surf Adventure – World Class Waves – Remote Locations



At 74’ and a range of over 3,000 miles Sola Gracia is a serious ocean going charter vessel. Groups of maximum 10 guests are accommodated in two bunk rooms: 1 x 8 passenger cabin & 1 x 4 passenger cabin. The large lounge area is laid out for comfort with modern entertainment systems (Stereo, TV, DVD etc) and there is plenty of outside deck area to relax, enjoy the view and a cold beer. Tenders are available to guests in/out of the line-up or on various to land or diving and fishing.

The most recent Dry Dock was in 2015 when the boat went through a major overhaul of all systems in preparation for this Epic Journey.

Builder / Built : PT Samudera Puranabile Abadi, Bitung, Sulawesi in 2000
Length overall : 23.35 meters
Breadth (moulded): 6.00 meters
Depth (moulded) : 2.84 meters
Gross Tonnage : 111
Net Tonnage : 66
Engine : 2 (two) “MITSUBISHI” marine diesel engines, type 10 DC11-1A 350 HP at 1,800 RPM, 4-stroke, 10 cylinders, V type, non turbocharged Class : Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI)

The boat is provided with two independent generating sets fitted at the port and star board of the engine room below the lounge: Model :two units of “ONAN” marine diesels Output :17,000 watt and 9,000 watt

Raytheon Radar – Pilot House
Furuno Radar – Fly Bridge
Furuno GPS/Echo Sounder – Pilot House
Interphase Forward Looking Sonar – Fly Bridge
Garmin GPS – Fly Bridge
VHF Radio – Fly Bridge & Pilot House
Sailor Satellite Telephone – Pilot House
ECS Computer Navigation System – Pilot House
Rudder Indicator – Fly Bridge & Pilot House
Wind Indicator – Pilot House
Intercom Phone System – Various Locations on Vessel
Depth Indicator – Pilot House
RPM Indicator – Pilot House

40 Life Jackets
2 First Aid Kit
2 Tenders
1 Flare Kit
6 Life Bouys
2 Life Raft
2 Epirb
8 Fire Extinguishers



While each destination/country will have its own individual surf character, all locations are filled with an abundance of coral reefs offering unlimited surf potential for athletes of all levels. The main focus will be to get the best surf on each given day provided the conditions at the time, but charters can be customized to suite a specific charters desires and interests.

Fiji – February through April
This time period has the potential for both North and South swells. The N swells are generally most frequent in the Feb – Mar time period and the S swells start out smaller and less consistent in the early months and build through the entire time. Winds are generally light and variable often with a SE flow. However, this is cyclone season so the crew will keep a close eye making certain safety is top priority.

These Exploration Voyages are timed with the best wind and swell conditions that combine the known Fiji spots with lesser known but world class and high quality outer Island and North Swell locations. The longer 11 night charters allow the opportunity to go north up to Twin Pass and Taveuni, east toward the Lau group, south toward Frigates and Kandavu and/or incorporate the well known breaks in the southwest of Cloudbreak, Restaurants and Wilkes Pass.

New Caledonia – May through July
Unique in the South Pacific Islands with the world’s largest lagoon and World Class reef passes. Only a small number of these spots are surfed regularly and it is boat access only. Sola Gracia will explore the entire south and west coasts were all the known spots and many secrets are to be discovered.

New Caledonia has a tropical climate. Located in the Pacific, it receives swell all year round. The best time for waves is during the dry season from April-October. Most of the known surf breaks are located near the main island of Grand Terre and Ile des Pins, with a variety of reef passes, bays and points. Predominate wind is SE Trade offshore at many spots.
> KITE SURFING: At spots exposed to strong SE Trade winds this place can turn on for exceptional wave kiting conditions especially during the June/July time period.


Vanuatu – August through September
Not a lot is known about Vanuatu, but we have been seeing the occasional “Secret” epic photos come out of Vanuatu for many years. We know there is surf and we want you to help us find it. The predominant swell is South / South East during this time period combined with a typical SE Trade wind. Similar conditions to Fiji and Tahiti for this time of year.
World class fishing, free diving and Kite Surfing!

Solomon Islands – October through November
Charter Schedule not yet available. Please request custom dates

The Solomon Islands is a huge archipelago ripe for exploration. This time period takes advantage of both North and Sough Swell potential with generally light and variable winds. Given the range of area available boat charter is the best way to get around.Papua New Guinea / Indo Pacific – December through February
Charter Schedule not yet available. Please request custom dates
This region comes alive when the big NW swells arrive. Not generally known for big surf, but very clean in the 3′-6′ range (shoulder high to well overhead) with powerful long interval swell.

Nusa Tenggara – SE Indonesia – March through April
Charter Schedule not yet available. Please request custom dates

This is the perfect time for SE Indonesia before the strong trade winds pick up June. You will cruise through the many islands in the area including Timor, Rote, Savu, Rajua, Sumba and Flores.Java – May though Jun
Charter Schedule not yet available. Please request custom dates



Seasons & Weather

Seasons & Weather

Fiji’s climate is classified as “marine tropical” and it has distinct seasons. The cooler dry season is from April through October and the warm, wetter and more humid season is from November to March. Air temperatures range from the mid 70’s to mid 80’s year round, with water temperatures hovering in the same range, year around

Being a South Pacific tropical island Fiji may receive rain year round, but the wet season also corresponds with the South Pacific cyclone Season.  Although it is rare to have a cyclone impact Fiji directly in any given year, it can happen, and does typically every 5+ years for a short period (3-5 days) of very intense and very bad weather.  The Fiji islands also have dry and wet sides similar to Hawaii – drier on the west and south, much more rain on the east and north.  The properties WaterWays has relationships with are all located on the southwest or southern end of the island chain.


As with most of the South Pacific, the seasonal “trade” winds blow from the southeast across the Fiji Islands June through September.  These winds can blow relatively strong for 5-10 days at a time, and then often back down for a week before continuing the on and off cycle.  These trade winds may not be favorable at many breaks, but each location with which we work has some “fall back” plan in the event of unfavorable conditions.

During the wet season winds blow from the north, which is offshore for most breaks along the south coast. The shoulder months of March through May and October through early November receive light and variable winds producing many glassy days.


The south swell window is generally from March through November (Rusty Preisendorfer loves March and Quiksilver has had November for 20+ years) while the north swells are biggest and most consistent from December through February. With the oceans going a bit berserk in this era of global warming, the South Pacific is now getting southern hemisphere swells year around, while it is very rare for Fiji to receive a north ground swell out of season.

To sum it up:  If you’re looking for the biggest surf, March through November is the go. Surfers looking for the cleanest surf possible – and the least crowded – the wet season from December through February is excellent.  Many people prefer to shoot for those shoulder months of March, April, May and September, October, November, hoping to get those glassy conditions with early or late south swells.



Other Activities Include:

  • Diving
  • Fishing
  • Surfing
  • Sleeping
  • Eating


All packages include:

  • Accommodations onboard 23 meter motor launch “Sola Gracia”
  • Airport transfers to and from the boat
  • 3 healthy meals per day
  • Unlimited supply of filtered drinking water Fresh fruit, snacks, soft drinks and fresh coconuts
  • 3 beers/day with additional available for purchase
  • Full use of all snorkeling and fishing equipment while onboard

2016 / 2017 Charter Rates:

Nights Price
11 Night Charters $3,025
9 Night Charters $2,700
Please inquire about custom charters for private groups.
Groups of 4+ receive a 5% discount
Minimum 8 passengers needed to depart

Fiji 2016 / 2017 Schedule

Sola Gracia is currently in Fiji .  Over the next 8 months she will make her way to Indonesia with Surf Search charter stops scheduled in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and the Indo/Pacific region.  The mission is to check out many known remote spots on which we have collected intel; and to scout new breaks based on research done with nautical charts and google earth.  These explore missions offer a very unique and hard to find experience – you should be part of it.  The schedule is a bit flexible based forward scheduled group bookings, but will be along the following timeline.