Surf Trip Destination in Bali, Indonesia

Puri Uluwatu Resort

Puri Uluwatu Villas is situated atop the low hills of Uluwatu Village. With a private path down to the surf, Puri Uluwatu is a great place for surfers and vacationers alike.



Forty minutes from Denpasar Airport, and steps away from the cliffs overlooking Uluwatu, Puri Uluwatu Villas is situated atop the low hills of Uluwatu Village. With a private path down to the surf, Puri Uluwatu is a great place for travelers seeking easy access to world-class surf.

Just below the peaceful surroundings of the accommodations, Uluwatu, Impossibles, Padang-Padang and Dreamland are cranking out perfect lefts. Staying at Puri Uluwatu will get you into the lineup early and often.

This private compound of Villas exudes the essence of Bali from the architecture, natural serenity and of course the sun, wind and relaxing vibes.

Your host and owner of Puri Uluwatu Villas is California native Steve Levine who has called Bali home for more than 10 years. Steve can easily arrange a private surf guide to escort you to any of the breaks, tourist sites, Temples or into town for a bit of nightlife.



Puri Uluwatu is a different kind of resort experience with multiple accommodation options including daily breakfast and massages.

The Nirvana House is about luxury and relaxation. A two-bedroom two-bathroom villa, with sweeping terrace, open-air dining and entertainment area featuring marble floors and walls made of natural ‘batik’ stone. Colorful glass blocks let light flow through the Nirvana House, and put on a glowing and unique light show at night. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning and satellite TV.

Balinese houses are masterpieces of teak and marble, stone and flowing water. You can experience that for yourself in the Estate House. Huge limestone columns support a ceiling that is 4.5 meters high downstairs, and ornately carved open beam ceilings upstairs. The floors are hand cut marble and granite, which complement the antique doorways and furnishings, all from teak and mahogany. Each of the three very large bedrooms in the Estate House has spacious and tastefully appointed private bathrooms.

The Panorama Tower provides a 360-degree view of the surf below and the mountains beyond. The Panorama Tower has four levels made up of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and the Meditation Room on the top floor. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning and satellite TV.

The Honeymoon Cottage is a one bedroom/one bathroom love nest equipped with an extra large king size bed, oversized bathtub and vanity in the spacious bathroom. Modern amenities such as adjustable lighting, DVD, home theater, and sound system add to the experience. The Honeymoon Cottage has awesome whitewater ocean views that allow you check the surf without leaving bed.



Uluwatu is the Mother of All Tropical Left Reef/Points, and it is divided into three main sections: Outside Corner is a shifty wave that’s the farthest outside, is best on a low tide and breaks from 6 to 15 feet. Black diamond only. The Peak/Inside Corner is directly in front of the access cave, and is best from three to six feet. Racetrack is the section that made Uluwatu famous, and launched a million trips – barreling wave that gets bigger as it throws and spits and re-throws down the reef.

Uluwatu is generally not beginner friendly. The reef is sharp, the cave entrance is tricky and only on the smaller days will inexperienced surfers want to paddle around out there. Uluwatu is best at 6 to 8 feet and can get as big as 12-foot plus.

The rules for surfing Uluwatu are to bring booties for the reef, make sure your leash is strong, don’t drop in on the locals, commit to the take-off and be very careful going in and out of the Cave.

Padang Pandang Beach

It takes a giant swell and a medium tide to make Padang-Padang break, and is best at around six feet. When the surf is small, the swimming and snorkeling are phenomenal.


Impossibles is so-named because it’s an extremely fast wave, which doesn’t allow for much except go go go. On the right swell, Impossibles will link with Bingin, the next wave to the north.

From Impossibles, the next waves are Bingin and Dreamland, all perfect left reef/points.

Those are the waves within a couple miles of Puri Uluwatu but staying at Puri also puts you within an hour of all the surf spots along Kuta Beach and on the east side of the Bukit Peninsula at Sanur.

Seasons & Weather

Seasons & Weather

From December through February the west/north-west trades blow offshore on the right-breaking reefs of the eastern coast. March and April are transition months into the dry season when winds are often light and variable. During these months ocean conditions are glassy with some infrequent and scattered rain showers.

May through early October sees the dry season with little rain and consistent east/southeast winds blowing offshore along the west coast and that long series of lefts running down the Bukit Peninsula from Outside Corner Ulus to Kuta Beach.

May to October is also the best season for Grajagan, when the regular southeast trade winds meet up with Indian Ocean groundswells.

October and November are again transitional months when the rain will start to return and the winds will go slack as they rotate back to northwest.

The weather is warm and humid year round; lows may get into the low/mid 70’s, and highs into the upper 80’s. The warmest and most humid months are December and January while the coolest driest months of the year are June and July.

Water temperatures are mid 70’s to low 80’s following the same pattern as the air temperatures.

Balinese surf season starts up some time in March/April and runs all the way through October, with the biggest swells often occurring May through September.



  • Parasailing
  • SUP
  • Jet skiing
  • Snorkeling
  • Helicopter tours
  • Shopping
  • Partying

You could spend months exploring around Bali and never see it all. From the big city of Denpasar to the mountain villages, Bali will never run out of things for you to do.



RATES 2019 (USD)

January 10 – April 30
November 02 – December 15
High Season
May 01 – November 01
December 16 – January 09
Standard Twin Room $ 99 USD $ 119 USD
Superior Double Room w/ Sea View $ 120 USD $ 144 USD
Standard Double Room $ 99 USD $ 119 USD
Estate House
Standard Twin Room $ 99 USD $ 119 USD
Estate Queen $ 99 USD $ 119 USD
Superior Double Room $ 139 USD $ 169 USD
Deluxe Double Room $ 129 USD $ 155 USD
Deluxe One-Bedroom Honeymoon Cottage $ 119 USD $ 144 USD
One-Bedroom Honeymoon Cottage $ 115 USD $ 139 USD
Two-Bedroom Tower $ 99 USD $ 119 USD

**Prices are PER ROOM, PER NIGHT.

All room rates INCLUDE a 10% Government tax & 5% Service Charge.