Surf Trip Destination in Playa el Mojon, Mexico

Hacienda Mojon

The right point break at Playa el Mojon is a short, walking distance from the hacienda. Guests can easily keep an eye on the wave from the comfort of the hacienda.


Playa el Mojon Overview

A new sustainable off-grid hacienda with a mix of local architecture and modern design, is waiting to accommodate surfers and families looking for a peaceful and relaxing retreat. Fit for one guest, but spacious enough for two, each of the four rooms has ocean views, air conditioning, wireless internet, private bathroom, a king size bed and is furnished with the work of local Oaxacan artisans.

All guests are offered 3 meals per day prepared with fresh, healthy, high-quality ingredients. We are happy to tailor each meal to any specific needs/preferences. Drinks and snacks are also included.



The hacienda can accommodate up to eight guests and has a full-service kitchen, communal enclosed dining and lounge area, terraces with ocean views, and a pool. Hacienda Mojon is a modern off-grid accommodation which can run sustainably off 100% Solar-Powered Electricity with a state of the art solar system to harness the immense solar resource available in the region, thus establishing a sustainable, renewable, and plentiful energy source for decades to come.



Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the mountains of Oaxaca along the coast of Southern Mexico, Playa el Mojon is in the center of a true surfing paradise.

We provide surf guiding between the areas of Huatulco and Salina Cruz, consisting of approximately 8 right point-breaks. 5 of these well-known waves are easy to score with most South swells. Some waves require more specific conditions, are not well-known to most, and are impressive in the peak season.

Huatulco, (the nearby resort town) is a 30-40 minute drive from Playa el Mojon and has its own international airport allowing easy access for our guests.  The hacienda is just 2 hours from Puerto Escondido and 2.5 hours from Salina Cruz.

Typically, the waves range from long, mushy and mellow, to fast, hollow and full barrels.

Swells can range between 2’-4’ and 6’-8’+.  With favorable summer rains, the sand shapes the sea floor, resulting in a perfectly shaped sand point wave.

Due to geographic variations, there are options to ride smaller or larger waves during a given swell. For example, if the top spots are 8’+, there are other spots that would be in a 4’-6’ range, allowing us the flexibility to cater to various levels of surfing ability.

The right point break at Playa el Mojon is a short, walking distance from the hacienda. Guests can easily keep an eye on the wave from the comfort of the hacienda.

The season in this particular region of Mexico is April through October when the south swells consistently correspond with favorable, or at least workable, wind conditions.

Seasons & Weather

Seasons & Weather

Mexico divides into two surf seasons, and they both have their advantages: March to October is southern hemisphere swell time and Mexico is swept with energy from the southern hemisphere. November to April provides a sunny, warm-water escape for frigid refugees from the upper 48, with surf that is generally smaller, but with dry offshores and perfect conditions. WaterWays has designed packages to take advantage of the variety of conditions available throughout the year, and offer a variety of Mexico surf packages.

Northern mainland, the area around Mazatlan, is best during the wet season months of April through October. During these months surf is generated from both the southern hemisphere and local hurricanes that spin up the coast from Central America and usually dissipate around the tip of Cabo San Lucas. Do not let the rain discourage your trip to this area. The showers are usually brief, occurring in the late afternoon, when you most likely will be taking a siesta after surfing all morning. The rain will lull you to sleep.

Central mainland Mexico, the area around Puerto Vallarta, picks up swells from the northwest to the southwest. Best months in this area are typically the dryer months of November through May. Surfers whose tans have faded and can no longer feel their fingers and toes surfing north of the border, flock to Mexico this time of year to shed the rubber and defrost their bones.

Traveling out of the bay of Puerto Vallarta and heading south, the coastline turns to the east by southeast and faces a more southerly direction. The south coast around Puerto Escondido is best during the south swell months of April through October.

Southern mainland Mexico is the location of our newest surf packages. Punta Escondida Surf Tours covers the Huatulco and Salina Cruz region. This section of coast begins to bend southeast into the Gulf of Tehuantepec making it an ideal location for the strong south swells generated during the wet season, April through October. This newly discovered and difficult to access area is host to numerous world-class sand-bottomed points and hollow beachbreaks.



A trip to Hacienda Mojon does focus on the surf but you can also explore what Huatulco and Mexico has to offer including the following activities

  • Botanical Gardens. This is a full-day tour which includes waterfalls, visiting a coffee plantation, tasting regional foods, and a mezcal tasting *
  • Tour of Huatulco / Swimming in the bays *
  • Day pass to the Huatulco 5-star resorts (swimming, snorkeling, kayaking) *
  • Rides to/from Huatulco

* Best if planned 24-48 hours in a




$2,500 USD per week per guest
$4,000 USD per week per couple

All-Inclusive Stays – Pack your bags and book your flight. We’ll take care of everything else.

  • Airport transfers (to / from Huatulco International Airport (HUX))
  • 7 nights accommodation at Hacienda Mojon
  • 3 meals, drinks, and snacks
  • Daily surf on site
  • Ground transport included to / from hacienda / surf when needed (utilizing 4WD vehicle)

Guest Capacity

Rates vary depending on number of guests. Hacienda Mojon has 4 rooms and can accommodate up to 8 guests per group.