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Marshall Islands, Beran Island


A typical atoll sand island, about 45 acres, covered in coconut palms and substantial hardwood trees, Beran is truly central to all the surf in the atoll.  Guests can see the two most consistent breaks from the new lodge. Over the last 6 years, infrastructure on the island has been built by the Beran Resort team.  They have put in two miles of roads, a concrete wharf, and a main building with an “off-grid” power station, large workshop, and eight really comfortable rooms for up to 16 guests.  The surf season is from Oct – May, with North swells, similar to swells that hit the North Shore of Oahu during the winter months.


When Indies Trader decided to put down roots and throw out the anchor permanently in the Marshalls, Martin decided that if he was going to do something to this pristine island, that he had a major responsibility to the environment.  After a well thought out plan, the resort was constructed from start to finish managing the resources to have as little environmental impact as possible.

Unique Accommodations


Beran Resort was built by Captain Martin Daly over the course of five years, from 2010-2015. The resort was created to be a base of operations for surfers, kiters, divers, yachts, boat engineers, pilots and more – a forward operating base in the middle of the most remote parts of the world.

From the ground up, the resort was built as a utilitarian and luxurious maritime operations center. With decades of experience on boats, Daly was able to expand the realm of possibilities with the Beran Resort, not limited by the space of a boat.

Starting with a very large rain catchment system below the resort, the resort is passively climate controlled by the water caught from tropical rainfall. The resort was built just behind the palm tree line from the windward side of the island, so there is a constant mild tradewind keeping the open areas cool.

Common areas have oversized ceiling fans, which generally provide adequate cooling with the wind, while all rooms have ductless AC and cooling fans. With a 28 kilowatt solar system, and 20 kilowatt Turbines generating electricity 24/7, and a large battery backup, the resort has so much power it is necessary to run the AC to use the power created.

Common areas include upstairs kitchen and living room – where chef Mango will be cooking up a storm as you come home from your surf sessions, coffee ready 24/7, and beers, water and soda cold year round. Large TV for post-surf photo viewing events, and a large square table for all the meals. Martin generally has one rule on boat trips – wear a shirt at dinner. The family style dinners become one of the highlights of the trips (aside from the tubes, of course). With Beran essentially having a rotating door of the most interesting players in the surf, as well as world stage, old captain’s tales of shipwrecks, treasure, the search for Amelia Earheart, every night you will hear stories of surf and history, while enjoying freshly caught fish, vegetables grown in the garden, in addition to imported ingredients for specialty diets (low carb, vegan, vegetarian, etc).

Decks with views of the surf surround the resort so you can enjoy a morning coffee and watch the swell fill in as you wait for freshly cooked breakfast, or help yourself to fruit, toast, cereals available all morning.


Our upstairs rooms are extremely luxurious, with a King Bed, large private bathroom and deck access with panoramic views. Heavy curtains can be drawn to darken the room, or opened for plenty of light.  All rooms have ductless AC and ceiling fans.

Upstairs is perfect for a couple or a single traveler who wants the nicest accommodation.

Perfect for sharing a room – with a Queen bed in the lofted section above, and a “king twin” below. Walk out to the deck, with chairs and drying racks for your boardshorts and swimming items.

Four bedrooms downstairs share two private toilet rooms and two private shower rooms directly across the hall.

All bedrooms have 110V US style power, Ductless / Split AC, Haiku ceiling fans, Casper Mattresses, and imported linens.


Currently, the Beran Resort fleet includes the MV Indies Trader 1 & 2, the Windward, a 23-foot Shark Cat, and 4 jet skis based at the island.  The two main boats, Indies Trader 1 and Windward, can accommodate up to 20 guests. The normal routine is to range out from the island for day trips on one of the crafts, depending on personal requirements and daily conditions.

If it looks like there will be a big swell that is going to last a few days, you may take one of the larger boats and water toys up to one of the more distant passes and stay overnight…or as long as the swell lasts.  

There is surf and great kiting right off the island, the most consistent waves are a 10-15 minute boat ride from the wharf.  The most demanding and powerful wave as well as the most classic point setup are accessible for quick trips via tin boat or speed boat.   Guests can also take either the Indies Trader or the Windward to park right next to the break in order to surf all day as they please.

Surf & Seasons

The Surf

The surf surrounding the atoll is the best in the Marshall’s. In 2006, Martin Daly spent 6 months going to every single atoll and reef pass in the Marshall Islands. While he found breaks in other atolls, the waves around Beran are by far the best.

Most people try to make comparisons to Martin’s greatest discovery, the Mentawai Islands. The surf in the Marshall’s gets as good as anything in the Mentawai Islands on the better days – the world’s best surfers have made numerous strike trips to Beran over the past few seasons, in particular to get score at the heavier break, described as a down-the-line Backdoor.

The surf in the Marshalls is predominantly right handers and is as good as anywhere we have ever seen. Surf ranges from “gentleman” waves to smokin’ barrels. North West to North East swells are most frequent between mid-October to mid-April. There are still waves to be discovered, but after 10 solid seasons, watching the wind, tides, and swell, the Beran crew have a very good idea of the best place to go based on the conditions. There are south swell spots that get waves occasionally during the Summer but it is the northern Pacific winter storms that provide 90% of the waves with up to 6 swells a month during the peak of the season. There is also a consistent 10 second NE windswell from the Trades that fetch across from the eastern Pacific and provides fun waves between solid groundswells.

Swell forecasting is reliable and the Beran crew can normally tell a week out what is in store. The wind is predominantly offshore and at times can be pretty constant over 15 knots but the surf handles it well plus you can break out the Windsurf or Kite gear. If you want consistent Mentawai like oily conditions then the Marshalls is not for you. If you like surfing real waves with no one else, like clear water, fishing, diving, want to try towing into empty perfect waves and love playing in the ocean in a pristine environment then the Marshalls should not be missed.

Season and Weather:

Peak: March – September
Good: November – February


Average Shoulder high, up to Triple overhead


Offshore 90% of the time

Air/Water Temp:

Air: 75º to 90º (day) • 70º to 75º (night)
Water: +68º to 90º (Tropical)

Area Breaks:

12+ quality breaks (fun for most skill levels)


During the winter season, The Marshalls enjoys a cooler more temperate climate than Indonesia. Temperatures are brought down by the constant North East trade winds. These winds blow constantly from November – March at between 10 and 25 knots sometimes hitting 30 knots on the odd day. Most of the surf breaks handle the wind well, particularly at low tide with the wind being side offshore at the takeoff, becoming more offshore as the waves bend around the reef. The water temperature remains in the 80’s all season long. Mosquitoes are not a problem and there is no malaria. Generally speaking, the islands and the surrounding reefs are a pristine marine environment.

The weather is always hot. The only time you might feel cold is during a rain squall or when the boat is moving. Bring a rain jacket for these days and lots of sun protection for when it is not raining.

The surf season is from October through April.

The Marshall Islands don’t get the oily calm conditions as often as Indonesia, but the swell is definitely comparable in consistency and size. The Trade winds typically blow from the last week in November until about the end of March. The wind blows East to North East (for the Rights) and a bit less frequently from the South East (for the lefts). As a result the wind is pretty much always offshore or side offshore. The kiters and wind surfers rate the Marshall’s as possibly the best surfing location in the world. During the season, average wind speed is usually within the 15-20kt range.



The areas on and surrounding Beran Island are a waterman’s paradise. Surf off the island, follow the swell by taking one of the boats to a reef pass, dive wrecks and pristine reefs, fish for marlin, explore empty sandy coconut islands. We guarantee you will never have a lack of activities and will always be stoked.

  • Fishing
  • Kite surfing
  • Wind surfing
  • Exploring
  • Diving
  • Stand-up Paddling

” You made our trip so much better! We would have been lost without ya’ll! Mmmm… good food. Good people. Good waves. Love this place! It will always be in my heart and soul.”
– JC

Special Offers


Book a trip to Two Brothers Surf Resort for a 7 night stay and receive a discounted rate of $1,200.00 per person. Book as a group or as a single traveler. Deposit must be paid before August 1st, 2020. Valid for travel through the 2020 season and for new bookings only.


2023 Rates

All Packages Include:

  • Accommodation in air conditioned bedroom on Beran Island
  • All your meals prepared by our wonderful Chef Mango
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Dinner with a minimum two courses
    • Snacks throughout the day
  • All drinks including beer, soda, house wine and spirits.
  • Internet access while on Beran Island. Please note that it is a slow connection. Not suitable for downloading movies, streaming etc. More than capable for Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp calls, and emails. (500mb for your stay. Additional 500mb vouchers available for US$50)
  • Transfers to/from Ailinlaplap Atoll airstrip and Beran Island
  • Daily transfers to/from surf with Jet ski or tender support whilst surfing
  • Fishing expeditions in Ailinglaplap Atoll along with use of gear
  • Use of Scuba diving gear for certified divers. All refills included.
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Use of Resort boards, if damaged your account will be charged
    • Short boards
    • Long boards
    • SUP’s
    • Kite pumps
    • Limited kites avaiable
  • Laundry service


  • International air fares to Majuro, Marshall Islands
  • Domestic flights within the Marshall Islands (US$625 return including surfboards)
  • Domestic airline surfboard bag charges 
  • Overnight hotel charges in Majuro – Hotel Robert Reimers
  • Any excess baggage charges
  • Premium wine and spirits
  • Any phone calls made from Beran Island line. If you need to be in phone contact we suggest you rent an Iridium handphone

Getting There

You will depart on Saturday prior to your check in date from the Mainland, overnight in Honolulu. On Sunday you will depart HNL – MAJ, and arrive in the Marshalls on Monday 1035AM (the date change is because of the dateline). You’ll be greeted by Indies Trader staff, and board the internal Air Marshall Islands flight to the outer atoll. You’ll be greeted again by staff on the coral runway and escorted to the boat, which will take you to the Island.

On your return, you will checkout Monday morning, and have a chance to surf, before boating over to the runway. You will board the A.M.I. flight and arrive in Majuro, where you will have a layover and depart that evening – where you will fl you will  fly to Honululu and then connecting to an early morning flight back to the mainland.

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