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Turning Daydreams into Dream Days…

The WaterWays Mission Statement and Our Surf Travel Missionaries

What a long great trip it’s been going back to March of 1994 when WaterWays Travel started in a small office in Van Nuys California. In the early years the notion of organized international surf travel was new – with little to no competition. Each destination we launched was relatively new to the surfing community at large. Over time the world has become a smaller place with lightning-fast global Internet swell forecasting and the media pushing the limits of exploration into uncharted tropical waters and desolate cold harsh wastelands. This new age of surf travel has spawned a smorgasbord of surf camps of every style.

However, a few things have remained consistent over all these years: Surfers still dream of getting away from their daily lives and reconnecting with their surfing roots: relaxing to the sounds of the ocean and catching the best surf of their lives. This may be on a solo trip, a trip with some friends, a trip with the girlfriend/wife – boyfriend/husband or increasingly a trip with the entire family. There is nothing better than winding down the day feeling tired, sun drenched and satisfied: surfed out, well fed and ready for bed to dream dreams that could be reality the next day.

The WaterWays approach to choosing destinations, locations and local operators also remains unchanged. Every location and operation in the WaterWays menu has been thoroughly checked out over all the seasons. WaterWays employees spend part of the year checking out each destination in detail: from the comfort of the beds, to that weird end section on the reef to the speed of the wireless Internet service. There are a lot of travel options and operations to choose from and WaterWays only chooses the most reputable, based on our own experience and the feedback from others. WaterWays employees specialize in different parts of the globe, but all have the information and experience available to assure they recommend the right place at the right time to passengers looking to turn their day dreams into dream days.

The world has changed, but WaterWays’ mission statement remains the same: Our goal is to take the gamble and guesswork out of your surf travel adventure while at the same time providing the best value and service for every travel dollar.

Service and value are the principals on which WaterWays was founded and the reason we have continued to prosper each year with such a high percentage of repeat passengers and new passengers alike.

Finally, I am happy to say that after all these years I am still happy coming into work each day and look forward to sharing our knowledge with each of you.

Thank You & Happy Travels
Sean Murphy

The WaterWays Crew

Wendy Headlee

Office Manager / Airline specialist

Wendy has been with WaterWays from the beginning and joined with strong travel industry experience having worked with Pleasant Holidays and Brendan Vacations. Wendy is a master of the various airline reservation systems. Wendy also specializes in destinations including the Maldives, Samoa and Australia. Although Wendy does not surf, she knows more about worldwide surf locations, their seasons and specific breaks then most well-travelled surfers.

Sara Tatro

Namotu Island Specialist

Before joining WaterWays Sara gained valuable experience in the travel industry with the Flight Center, learning the ins and outs of the airline reservation systems and honing her customer service skills. Sara now controls the booking and reservation side of Namotu Island Resort in Fiji, arguably the most highly-demanded surf resort in the world. I must give Sara credit for bringing customer service to a new level. Sara is also an expert in everything Fiji and has traveled extensively to destinations including: Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Indonesia, Mexico and Peru.

Mike Tan

Global Surf Travel Specialist

Mike currently manages all Indonesia product and reservations, but from his past years of experience and travel has gained vast knowledge of all WaterWays destinations. Mike lives and breathes surfing, is the best surfer at WaterWays, and is in the water most days before work. He treats each client as if he was on the other end of the line, pushing to make sure every detail is in order.

CJ Thomas

Surf Travel Specialist

Originally from New Jersey with a background in Action Sports and solid surf travel experience though Central America has landed CJ at the top of our South/Central America Reservations Department. CJ’s focus on both the experience and necessary travel for each location allows him to easily compare and contrast destinations. We have yet to test CJ’s surf style as he arrived with a knee injury, but that did not stop him from joining a WaterWays office trip to Nicaragua and catching a few waves old style – bodysurfing!

Tanja Muller

Ysenia Ibarra

Airline Specialist/Groups

Yesenia comes to WaterWays with over 15 years in the travel industry as an airline reservation specialist. The experience gained though big organizations like Springboard Vacations, Montrose Travel, and Qantas Vacations assures only the best outcome/itinerary for each Land & Air inclusive package.

Eric and the boys at sltwtr

Marketing and Web

Having worked with WaterWays since he was a solo cholo, sltwtr founder Eric Panofsky now brings the offerings of the entire sltwtr team to WaterWays Surf Adventures, keeping WaterWays prominent and polished in all media outlets. Through efforts in Social Media marketing, online advertising, web design and management, search engine optmization, and print advertising, a steady stream of marketing has kept WaterWays Surf Adventures at the top of the list for surf travel.

Sean Murphy


With a degree in Business Administration, emphasis in accounting, I worked in private and public accounting for years after graduation. With life seeming too long, or short – depending on how you look at it – I determined early that a lifetime behind a desk crunching numbers was not for me. Combining my passion for surf travel from the age of 15 with some strong connections in the travel industry I founded WaterWays Travel in March of 1994. Never looked back, never a regret.

Surf Trip Destination in


We have you covered! Enclosed you will find the WaterWays 2020 Tide Calendar featuring a dozen locations around the globe.

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