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Central America has been offering up surfers multiple wave options for decades now. The entire region is littered with points, reefs & some of the better beach breaks you can find anywhere in the world. Starting with El Salvador in the North, the smallest country in Central America needs summer time South swells to light up its myriad headlands, but when it comes alive, the entire coast provides some of the best right-hand points in all the Americas.

Heading south from El Salvador, you run right into Nicaragua. The quality of surf, the 300-plus days of offshore winds, , the lack of crowds, the lush beauty of the landscape and the bath-like water make Nicaragua must see country for any surfer traveling to Central America. The wet, or green, season, from April to November, is primetime for surf, with the beachbreaks of Playa Santana, the cobblestones of Popoyo, the tubes of Playgrounds and the left pointbreak of Manzanillo all incredibly consistent and well set up for surfers of all levels.

Moving further along south of Nicaragua, you will find Costa Rica. Costa Rica is the country that really put Central America on the map for surfing. There is consistent year-round surf, it is relatively inexpensive, the water temperature averages in the low 80s, and there’s an ever-present relaxed vibe with magical powers to chillax your every last ounce of stress. From world-class breaks to beginner-friendly bumps and everything in-between, Costa Rica offers a whole lot of waves for all levels of surfers.

Last but certainly not least as you head south is Panama. With an incredible mix of beach breaks, reef breaks and point breaks, Panama is surfers paradise. Not only is it possible to surf all year round, but you can ride waves on the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans on the same day, thanks to the country’s narrow geography. From Azuero Peninsula on the Pacific to the dreamy line-ups of Bocas del Toro on the Caribbean, Panama has a wave to suite every type of surfer. Once you combine the endless wave variety with consistently warm water, weather & ease of travel, you see why surfers have been heading to Central America for years.