Aura Surf Resort :: OVERVIEW

You really want to get away from it all? Away from this crowded 21st Century, to a place where you have access to some spots so fresh they don’t have names? A place so remote the only crowd are the people you bring with you – and that number is no more than 14, spread along a remote coastline where you see few other humans – and fewer other surfers?

So you want to get away from all that but want to be comfortable, safe, well fed and have access to modern entertainment and communications?

Aura Surf Resort is what you are looking for. Built in 2010 this new resort is located on the isolated edge of 4,500 square kilometers of feral parkland on an island 80 miles off North Sumatra. Mountains behind, ocean in front and 60 miles of untouched coastline going both ways – all of it facing into the longest fetch in the archipelago, and a hidden trench that super-sizes the power and quality of the swell.

Aura Surf Resort has three modern bungalows and a main building containing the lounge kitchen and dining area – all built in local style with local material with western upgrades. Three fast boats are ready and waiting to accommodate no more than 14 surfers who want to get away from it all and exhaust themselves in perfect surf – some of it breaking directly out front, some of it hidden away along the coast and other islands, accessible only by boat.

Just when you thought the planet was overpopulated and overrun –  Escape to Aura Surf Resort one of the nicer edges of earth.