This Weeks Swell Alerts

This week looks like there is going to be some fun surf at some of our top destinations.  We have some great southern swells on tap to start and finish the week.

Chicama, Peru.  Long period swell from the SSW with clean conditions hitting the coast all week.  Surf heights are expected to be in the 6 – 11 ft range with water temps in the high 60′s.

Motels, Tonga.  Moderate long period SW swell from April 26th – 29th with light ocean winds from the East.  Surf heights are expected to be in the 6 – 11 ft range with warm water temps (82°F).

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.  Moderate long period SSW with clean conditions.  SW Groundswell builds through the day and conditions stay clean.  Surf heights expected to range from 6 – 8 ft and water temps are very nice (84°F).

Uluwatu, Indonesia (Bali)  Swell expected to hit Wednesday April 27th – Monday May 2nd, Surf heights expected to be between 6 – 15 ft from the SSW.  This swell is going to start the big wave season in the South Indian Ocean.

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