Surf Travel Tips

Familiarize yourself with the local laws and customs of the country to which you are traveling to (get insurance if necessary).

Pack any extra items in your board bag (wetsuit, towel, trunks, etc.) that could be used for padding.

Respect the locals both in and out of the water at your surf destination.

Always let your friends and family know your travel itinerary before you leave.

Label the inside and out side of your board bag with your contact information.

Remove all wax from your boards before packing them to avoid a melted mess in your board bag.

Always attach an extra removable fin key to your boardshorts and car key set.

Always bring an extra leash string, never know when it’s going to break and you don’t want to have to use your shoelace!

Take a picture of your luggage/board bag before leaving. This could help in the recovery process if anything goes missing.

Bring a roll of clear duct tape or surf stickers for emergency ding repairs.

When flying remove the straps from your board bag, they can get caught on something and damage your bag or board.

Always pack an extra pair of boardshorts/swimsuit in your carry-on bag.

Put a small lock on your surf board travel bag, so the security at the airport will not go through it.

Know before you go, get updated swell alerts and watch the forecasts.

Eat or grab food to go before you board full-service meals on domestic flights are a thing of the past.

Split up your valuables in different pockets, your suitcase, board bag and wallet when packing.

Avoid checking your luggage and risking loss of time and belongings by packing light, using standard size carry-on luggage.

Adjust your attitude for holiday travel and “keep things in perspective”. Expect things to take longer and relax.

Book your surf trip during the non-holiday times and look for last minute deals.

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  1. Joel says:

    Hello, and of course not forget to bring your Surf Board.
    Joel from

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