South Swell of the Century

Many people consider the south swell hitting Hawaii right now the best south of the century!  Surfline just released a video today of Ala Moana bowls on Oahu pumping and locals claiming it to be one of the best days Ala Moana has seen in 10 years.  This monster south swell hit Tahiti for the finals of the Teahupoo Billabong Pro contest last weekend, producing huge barrels and perfect conditions for the competitors.

We have been tracking this swell since its inception and it has been producing incredible surf at some of our top south swell destinations including: Tahiti, Peru, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  The guys at Chicama Surf Resort in Peru said they are expecting surf in the 6 – 8 ft range by tomorrow and building into the weekend.  So if you are goofy foot or like lefts get ready cause this swell is one to remember!

Lola Swell Chart above by

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