Chicama Surf Resort Travel Special

Surf Travel Special at Chicama Surf Resort. Book for travel September through November and receive a 25% discount off our Room & Breakfast Rate.  This is the perfect wave you drew in your math book when you daydreamed in high school and now you can be surfing it during prime season!

* Discount only available through WaterWays and applies to new reservations only.

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Free Night at Miraflores El Salvador

Positioned on the hillside just south of the palm tree lined right point of Las Flores, Miraflores has spectacular views of the surf, beach, ocean and coastline of El Salvador.  Right now we are offering an exclusive surf travel special, if you book 5 nights at hotel Miraflores on a basic or premium package you will have your 6th night for FREE!  This offer is for bookings made between August 19th until September 30th, last travel date being November 30th, 2013.  So what are you waiting for, don’t you want to surf world class waves?  Book now and save on an epic surf trip to El Salvador!

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2013 Billabong Pro Tahiti at Teahupoo

It’s almost that time of year where we get to watch the world’s best surfers take on the world’s heaviest wave, Teahupoo, for stop 6 of the ASP World Tour of Surfing in Tahiti.  This coveted event is hosted at Teahupoo, Tahiti’s most famous wave and will take place starting on August 15th – 26th.  Looking at the Surfline forecast during this contest window, it appears they will not have any problems with the surf being too small!

Make sure to check out the Billabong Pro Tahiti and get stoked to book your next surf trip to the amazing destination of Tahiti!  Just remember there is more to the Society Islands than Tahiti and more to Tahiti than Teahupoo, El Stumpo and Ins and Outs.

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Swell Alert: Chicama Point Peru

After a couple of weeks of fun sized surf, the South Pacific will be ready to pump out another nice swell for Chicama Point starting August 19th – 23rd.  Conditions are SSW 204° / 11ft to 14ft / 18 SEC, really good conditions for Chicama. Book now and surf one of the best waves in South America!!!

Follow this swell at and book your trip to arrive in time to score the longest lefts of your life!

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Ben Wilson’s August Kite Week on Namotu

Ben Wilson’s 17-24th August Namotu Island Kite Week has just had 4 spots open up. This week is tailored for complete beginners all the way up to advanced riders and Ben personally looks after the coaching with his expert team of instructors. If you’re not interested in the coaching side of things, just come, hang out and ride in one of the best locations you’ll ever find for surfing and kiting. Non kiting partners are also welcome.  For more information or to book this week e-mail

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WaterWays’ Traveler Testimonial

Bryan from Santa Cruz here, having just returned from ten days in Las Flores.  Just wanted to drop a line to say THANK YOU.  From the seamless (and business class) flight to the accommodations (Dave the manager is the man) to the food and the good fortune of getting ten straight days of good surf, this was the most brain-damage-free south of the border surf trip ever.  Thank you for all of your hard work.  I will be traveling with WaterWays again, and definitely recommending them, and you, to anyone who will listen.

Big up,


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Occy Surfing Chicama Point in Peru

Goofy foot legend Mark ‘Occy’ Occhilupo and pro surfer Sterling Spencer venture way down south and score perfect lefts at Chicama Point in Peru.

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Kandui Left Going Off!

The guests at Kandui Villas have been scoring epic surf out front at Kandui Lefts!  Check out this video from our good friends at Kandui Villas (June 29-30th, 2013.)  Kanduis is a startlingly fast, hollow perfect wave, known as the best left in the world by any person and any top pro surfers who have surfed it on a good day!  Book your trip to Kandui Villas and score this perfect left hander!

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Macaronis Surf Resort – Weekly Update

The second week in June brought pumping surf to a few stoked guests at Macaronis Surf Resort.  Guests have been scoring pumping Mentawai surf the last few weeks while getting some thick dredging barrels and there is more solid surf coming their way!  Book now to score the next round of swells and surf perfect Macaronis with your closest friends!

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Red Frog Bungalows Surf Travel Special

Red Frog Bungalows, Panama surf travel special now available!  Receive a 20% Per Person discount on groups of 3 or more.  Available weeks still open July 7th – 13th and 23rd – 29th.   July is considered the “micro season” down in Bocas del Toro, Panama.  Historically July is as a consistent month as January for surf with much better weather!  Book now and save on this epic surf trip to Panama.

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