Chris Scored at Kandui Villas!

I went to Kandui Villas with you guys during the beginning of the month and had an incredible time. Thanks again for helping me extend my trip there too!

-  Christopher Buchanan

Did you score with WaterWays?  Send us your photo, video or story and we’ll publish it in our traveler’s gallery.

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Fiji Airways invites you to find a ‘Home Away From Home’

Some of us never leave our homes or home towns – or never travel overseas. It can be family pressures, hectic lifestyles, tragedies or hardships that keep us bound and we think we could never possibly get away. So Fiji Airways is looking for individuals, couples or families who truly deserve an extraordinary break, to allow them to step from the demands of the everyday and give them the chance to experience a home away from home unforgettable experience. The airline is inviting people with remarkable stories who deserve the chance to getaway to share their stories. Some of those people will be rewarded with an unforgettable getaway and will be, as all passengers of Fiji Airways are, treated with the same warmth and care you’d expect from your family and friends at home.  As soon as they embark on their journey through to touching down, they will instantly be cared for and enjoy that relaxing feeling only being amongst family and feeling at home can give you.

Nominate yourself or someone you know who truly deserves a Home Away From Home trip of a lifetime. To find out more visit

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Surfing at Salani Surf Resort

After you watch this video you will understand why Salani Surf Resort is for travelers looking to experience the best of Samoa’s surf!

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Aerial View Surfing Pools on Namotu

Pools is the perfect playful, warm and fun right reef-break for any guests staying at Namotu Island Resort.

Video Source:  Glenn Duffus Photography

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Having a Blast at Kandui Villas!

14 Year old Carly Hanson had a blast during her recent surf trip to Kandui Villas.

She surfed the biggest waves she’d ever seen on the trip and took plenty on the head but still came up smiling.  – (Gordon) Carly’s Dad

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Kitesurfing Namotu: View from Above

Namotu is built for kitesurfing; it suits any level rider with perfect flat water out the back and waves out the front. If you haven’t been there, put it on your list and I promise you won’t be disappointed.
- Ben Wilson

Video Credit:  Stu Gibson

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Epic Week of Swell at Macaronis

Another epic week of swell in July for guests at Macaronis Surf Resort.

The swell has been consistent with great local weather conditions for typically excellent peak-season July surfing. Guests were ripping this week and got some beautiful barrels.

- Macaronis Surf Resort

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Mental Macaronis and Mysto Rights

After watching just the first 40 seconds of this video you will be scrambling to book your next surf trip to Macaronis Surf Resort.  From heaving Macas to epic right barrels the group of guests at the resort scored during the month of June.

Filmed/Edited by: Kale Rickards

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Surf Trip to Savaii

Guests scoring epic Samoan surf during their trip to the island of Savaii at Aganoa Beach Fales. (Video by: Gasbag Productions)

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Maldives Magic

Aloha Sean,
I want to thank you for all your help with getting me on board for that trip
to The Maldives. I had a great time and scored some great waves as well. The
captain and whole crew on board were a joy to be with and I really couldn’t
have been happier with the outcome of this adventure to the Southern Atoll
of the Maldives.
Hope all is well and Aloha.

All my best,
Christian LaCuesta  (WaterWays’ Traveler/ Photographer)

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