Surfing Mid March at Macaronis

Consistent clean mid-sized waves through out the center stretch of March. This vid shows how fun the shoulder month of March can be! Conditions were beautiful and everyone was getting heaps of waves! – Macaronis Resort 

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Cabo Blanco Going Off!

After watching this video you will understand why the best surf spots in Northern Peru are the sand bottom left points like Cabo Blanco, Panic and Lobitos.
Video Source: Daniel Garate

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Aerial Footage of Uluwatu

The beauty of Uluwatu captured by a drone from above.  The footage starts off with an epic aerial view of Blue Point Bay Villas located on the cliffs overlooking Suluban Beach -which is also known as the final “Racetrack” section of Uluwatu.

Video Source: Adrian Fletcher

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Indonesia Surf Adventure

A montage of images and scenes from an epic surf adventure in Indonesia.
Filmed/Edited by: J. Lynch

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Macaronis Surf Update – February 2015

Guests at Macaronis Surf Resort have seen fun surf and a great start to 2015!

After a quick closure with lightening speed renovations throughout the building and property we have started the 2015 season with bang!  The surf has been delivering for early season with tons of fun days at the home break. February is not known in the Mentawais for being a time to score, but you can confirm in this video, it is far from flat! – Macaronis Resort

Video/Edit: Rachel Noel Photography

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Surfing Macaronis January 2015

Here is the surf recap from late December 2014 into January 2015 from our friends at Macaronis Surf Resort.

All video is from Macaronis wave + a few snippets from the ever-so-famous beginner break out front, Fish Fingers!  Most of the surfing in this video is done by Macas staff because there was hardly anyone here! A normal “crowd” was about 3 people deep. Lucky to snag a few barrels this time of year and lots of open face for practicing those hacks! A great time for relaxing and getting some time in the water all to yourself :)

Video & Edit: Richard Kotch

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Dream Jobs: Surf Travel Agent

If you could have your dream job, what would it be? Is it safe to assume it might revolve around surfing? Would you desire it to include heavy doses of travel and adventure, allowing you to surf the world’s best waves in exotic destinations? Would playing a role in helping others realize some of their own dreams help top things off?

Most people never get to live their dreams, because they don’t pursue them. Others, like Bryan Pohlman, do, precisely because they make it a point. His job, as Global Sales Consultant for Waterways Travel, the world’s largest surf travel agency, is a veritable Endless Summer.

Continue reading this Inertia article and the interview with WaterWays’ Bryan Pohlman.

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“Gone” Surfing In Mexico

New surf doc “Gone” filmed entirely in Mexico celebrates the local scene and the wave-rich regions of mainland and Baja!

For more info go to:  Gone Film a film by Pargo Media

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Fiji Airways – Welcome To Your Home

Some of us never leave our homes or home towns – or never travel overseas. So we wanted to share how Fiji Airways recently gave three deserving families a truly extraordinary and unforgettable home away from home experience.

View their stories visit:  – Where YOU also have a chance to WIN your very own amazing Fiji holiday!

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Kandui Villas & Waves 4 Water

Waves 4 Water in conjunction with surfer Zachary Keenan and Kandui Villas, will be doing multiple clean water projects in the surrounding northern Mentawai islands, specifically the Siberut Island, with many villages in need. Zach has close relations with the local Shamans who will be guides and instrumental in the education of locals.  Donate To This Project  and help make a difference!

(photos: Blackpearl Photography)

“To see this region of Indonesia healthy and thriving with access to clean water would be such a rewarding gift to be able to provide, and I am inspired to be an agent of change in this aspect of support for this community.” – Zach Keenan

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