Mentawais Yacht Charter Special – Bintang

Bintang is not only the 12-ounce can of nectar (beer) you find in Indo , but something even more amazing: a 115’ foot, twin mast sailing yacht with all the modern conveniences that slices through the straits and narrows of the surf filled Mentawai Islands, the bow always pointed toward the reefs where the surf is firing.  The Bintang is the largest western vessel in the Mentawai surf exploration fleet and can charter up to 12 stoked surfers on 11 day surf trips.

For a limited time we are offering $100 off per person on any charter booked for travel during the months of September or October on the Bintang Mentawai Island Yacht Charter.
Full boat charters receive an extra $500 discount off the addition of the speedboat to the trip!  So what are you waiting for, call up 11 of your closest surf buddies and book your dream trip today!

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