Mentawai Quest 1 Surf Charter

Formerly known as the Indies Trader 2 the “Quest 1” was purchased by Rip Curl and rechristened in 2011 to cruise the Mentawai in search of epic surf!  With a recent facelift by Rip Curl, the 69 foot long Quest 1 yacht is now primed and ready to take as many as eight surfers (4 twin air conditioned cabins equipped w/TV and DVD) through the Mentawai and into northern Sumatra, for trips as long as 14 days.

Surf travel packages aboard the Quest 1 include; all fuel, local Captain, local crew, Western Chef, food and beverage, port clearances, medivac insurance, ground transport and porters, Beer and soft drinks!  The crew aboard the Quest 1 are ready and awaiting your arrival to embark on an epic surf adventure in search of the perfect wave.

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