Macaronis Surf Resort – Week 9 Surf Update

The surf has been going off this past week at Macaronis Surf Resort in the Mentawais.  Guests have been enjoying the comfort of relaxing and scoring epic surf on the charter boat during the day, while relaxing and sleeping in the comfort of Macaronis Resort in the evenings.  Guests have been scoring flawless dawn patrol sessions at Greenbush, and some fun Macaronis during the last week and there is more surf on the way!  Watch this video and you will be hopping on the next plane to paradise!

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2 Responses to Macaronis Surf Resort – Week 9 Surf Update

  1. Achim Bocks says:

    Hi! I’m searching for a budget maledivian boattrip in the time 2014-04-26 to 2014-05-10 (alternative: 2014-03-29 to 2014-04-12)….In betreuen of this times a plan a resort-accomodation with my wife. Please give me a selection of offers! Thanks a lot, Achim Achim Bocks / +49 17664275966 / +49 7314038466

  2. sltwtr says:

    Achim, thank you for your surf travel inquiry, a WaterWays’ travel specialists will be reaching out to assist you with your travel needs shortly. – WaterWays’ Web Team

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