Kandui Villas Testimonial “First Class Service”

Hey Sean,
I just came back from Indo and wanted to thank you for everything. We had a great time with really incredible waves. The crew in Kandui Villas including Jordan, Conrad, Beek, Zack, Parker and all the locals were beyond expectations. They did everything in their power and more to make sure we were comfortable and happy. The boat service was very good with great disposition. The hotel itself is very clean and upscale. The kitchen was superb and always available.  For all this reasons we will try to return. It was a great vacation surrounded by great people and first class service. If somebody asks me……I do not have any reservation to recommend this place, easy the best place in the Mentawais and for that we thank you.
Hopefully you will receive a phone call next year or the following asking for reservations and your help again, so saying no more, talk to you soon.


Diego Velarde

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