Jason Scores ‘Trip of a Lifetime’ in El Salvador

Jason scored on his trip to El Salvador with WaterWays Surf Adventures in June, 2010.

Jason had great things to say about his trip:

It was the sickest trip ever! I scored Punta Manga going off; Las Fores completely empty; Punta Roca with only 3 guys out, 6 foot and hollow. It was the trip of a lifetime. Our surf guide, Fransisco (aka Black Dog) was so awesome, I hooked him up with a brand new 6’3″ Rusty.

Here are some photos. Look fun? GO THERE!

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One Response to Jason Scores ‘Trip of a Lifetime’ in El Salvador

  1. I went down to El Salvador last month and experience these AWESOME waves first hand…cool to see some pics here to bring back great memories.

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