Fall Surf Destinations

Nicaragua – Fall time is a great uncrowded time of year to travel to Nicaragua.  November is one of the best months to visit with great weather, strong swells and fewer travelers.  The Popoyo Surf Zone receives 300+ days year of all day offshore winds with tropical conditions and deep-water swells creates great, year round surf.

Mentawais – September/October will experience light and variable winds due to the changing of seasons.  These months often experience glassy conditions and can be the best time to sample a larger variety of waves.  Air temperatures range between 75° and 85° year around and water temperatures are always in that same range.  If you want to experience some glassy conditions and fewer people in the lineup than the Fall time might be the call for you!

Ireland – Irish weather is northern hemisphere weather but even gnarlier than most North Americans are used to. The winters are colder and harsher, the summers are greener and colder. And the fall? Well this is the best time of year!  The North Atlantic produces a consistent surf during the fall months and most agree this is the best time for surfing in Ireland when the weather can still be warm, swell is coming down from the north and up from the south, and the hurricanes off the Southeast coast of North America push warm water up along the west coast of Ireland.

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    Hi There!
    would just like any info on fall surfing destinations. Intermediate to novice
    any help would be great. we have been considering Nicaragua


  2. Thanks for your inquiry Chris, we will have one of our Surf Travel Specialists get in touch with you! – WW Staff

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