Fall of Australian Dollar Makes for Exceptional Deals

The sputtering international economy has spawned some excellent deals for those willing to commit and act fast. The Australian Dollar is currently at its lowest point in almost 10 years, dropping over 30% against the US$. What this means to us is that some specific product for which we receive pricing in AU$ is now an especially good deal.

To take advantage of these particularly low rates and protect your price from increase you will need to book quickly, and pay in full before the AU$ recovers over the next few months. Refunds will be available in the event of cancellation, but we suggest full coverage travel insurance (which is mandatory anyway) to protect you against continually fluctuating exchange rates.

Specific product affected includes: Telo Island Lodge, Huey 1 Mentawai Charter and the Dreamweaver yacht charter operating through Lombok & Sumbawa. Check it out and book now to score a killer deal on a great trip.

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