El Salvador Quick Strike

James Ferguson sent in a few photos from his recent trip to El Salvador while staying at the Miraflores Surf Lodge.   The simpler things in life call for a simple review, and an even simpler surf trip:

Had a great trip Mike, short and sweet.
Surf wasn’t very big but over head high every day.

- James

I’ll take over head waves every day, any day.   Nothing like Punta Mango nuggets wrapping around the point for barrels and speed turns.  There is still time for you to get yours at Punta Mango, or anywhere else in El Salvador, for that matter.

Punta Mango is a fast hollow wave breaking down a cobblestone point surrounded by beautiful mountains, and is a tube addict’s paradise. Seldom will you see a local here other than your surf guide. Get ready for a lot of speed and some unforgettable tubes. Punta Mango is El Salvador’s East Coast’s version of the perfect wave.

Here are a few more photos of James getting his…


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Mike Tan – Reservations Specialist Mike manages all our South and Central America locations, but through his passion for surf travel has quickly gained vast knowledge of all WaterWays destinations. Mike lives and breathes surfing, is the best surfer at WaterWays, and is in the water most days before work. He treats each client as if he was on the other end of the line, pushing to make sure every detail is in order.
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  1. Punta Mango is epic, and so are Las Flores and La Ventana! El Salvador is a place to score A+ surf.

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