Kandui Villas Barrel

This should be you at Kandui Villas, Mentawais.

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Kandui Villas May 27th, 2015

The world class surf at Kandui Villas has been coming to life lately. The waves just keep coming through and only a few stoked guests are on it! The time to book is now!

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Macaronis Resort – Mid April 2015

Perfectly shaped left hand barrels rolled down the reef during mid April and the guests lucky enough to be at the resort during this time scored!

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CJ Hobgood Ripping & Relaxing in Panama

After a grueling year on the World Tour in 2014, the Smith Optics International team rider CJ Hobgood wanted to get away and press the reset button before another big year in 2015.  The team made a mid-winter strike mission to the Caribbean side of Panama for some of the punchy, tropical beach breaks and a little relaxation at Red Frog Bungalows.

Video Source:  Smith Optics  (Filmed/Edited by: Jon Hetchkopf)

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The Inertia: Samoan Snapshots

Surf resort boatmen are the antithesis of a nine-to-fiver. It’s not the most lucrative gig, but it’s one of the most soul-satisfying occupations a surfer could ever have.

On a recent trip to Salani Surf Resort in Samoa, Sean Murphy of Waterways Travel invited and hosted a group of former boatmen that served the resort from it’s inception up until it was destroyed by a tsunami.

Read the full article and photo feature by Surfer/Filmmaker John Lynch on The Inertia.


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Surfing Mid March at Macaronis

Consistent clean mid-sized waves through out the center stretch of March. This vid shows how fun the shoulder month of March can be! Conditions were beautiful and everyone was getting heaps of waves! – Macaronis Resort 

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Cabo Blanco Going Off!

After watching this video you will understand why the best surf spots in Northern Peru are the sand bottom left points like Cabo Blanco, Panic and Lobitos.
Video Source: Daniel Garate

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Aerial Footage of Uluwatu

The beauty of Uluwatu captured by a drone from above.  The footage starts off with an epic aerial view of Blue Point Bay Villas located on the cliffs overlooking Suluban Beach -which is also known as the final “Racetrack” section of Uluwatu.

Video Source: Adrian Fletcher

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Indonesia Surf Adventure

A montage of images and scenes from an epic surf adventure in Indonesia.
Filmed/Edited by: J. Lynch

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Macaronis Surf Update – February 2015

Guests at Macaronis Surf Resort have seen fun surf and a great start to 2015!

After a quick closure with lightening speed renovations throughout the building and property we have started the 2015 season with bang!  The surf has been delivering for early season with tons of fun days at the home break. February is not known in the Mentawais for being a time to score, but you can confirm in this video, it is far from flat! – Macaronis Resort

Video/Edit: Rachel Noel Photography

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