The Waterways Surf Adventures 2014 Tide Calendar

Daily Grind Got You Down?
Relax, Help is Here!  Enclosed you will find the WaterWays 2014 Tide Calendar featuring a dozen locations around the globe.  From Panama to Padang, Mexico to Mentawai we have you covered. 

We recommend hanging the calendar in a location where you will be able to see it all day or multiple times per day such as the kitchen, bedroom or office. Each month will keep you dreaming while at the same time keeping track of life commitments such as school schedules, kids sporting events, doctor appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, concerts & events and most importantly, to count down the days until your next trip with WaterWays Surf Adventures.

Calendars Make Great X-Mas Presents!
A gift that any surfer will enjoy! Just $10 for 1 and $5 for as many more as you can stuff into your stocking!

Your Total: $10.00

You can purchase one live via Pay Pal or just call WaterWays with a Credit Card: 888 669 7873 / 310 584 9900